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5 Latte Makers You Might Want to Consider When Buying Coffee Machines

5 Latte Makers You Might Want to Consider When Buying Coffee Machines

Have you been wondering which the best latte maker you can get is? Want to get perfectly brewed coffee and even add some latte art all from the comfort of your home? A great latte maker will do this and make it fun as well not to mention keep the aroma of great coffee in your kitchen for you coffee lovers. You no longer have to dread a walk or drive to the nearest Starbucks every time you want a latte for with a great latte maker in your home you can brew yourself some and save the hassle as well as the money!  Here are 5 latte makers you should consider when shopping for a coffee machine:

  1. Bosch TAS1252GB Tassimo
                       best coffee latte makers you need to check out when buying coffee machines.

When looking for a latte maker, it is only natural to want convenience, quality and great functionality at a great price. The Bosch TAS1252GB Tassimo is excellent in terms of convenience, quality and versatility and can be used to not only make lattes but also brew hot chocolates, macchiatos and tea making up its brewing capacity of up to 35 varieties of drink. With its 1.5L water tank it is sleekly designed and has an automatic cleaning and descaling system making it a low maintenance machine.

  1. Nespresso CitiZ and Milk 

                 best coffee machines you need to check out when looking for latte coffee makers

Another great machine of sleek design, the Nespresso Citiz is perfect for latte lovers as it has a separate milk frothing container which makes it easy to get the froth and foam of your latte just right. Besides, the milk frothing container allows you to add the amount of milk you want in your latte and the machine is great for quick brewing and also comes with an auto power off feature for energy saving purposes in those instances when it is not in use.

  1. Coffee Latte Maker
             best coffee machines you need to check out when looking for latte coffee makers


This machine is also a great companion to any latte lover who is not enthused about guessing about milk steaming. It is an automatic machine that saves you time by allowing you to quickly make your latte at the push of the button once the ingredients are in place. It is cost effective and fuss free even though it does not allow much room for personalization.

    1. Delonghi Lattissima Espresso Machine
                          best coffee machines you need to check out when looking for latte coffee makers


This is a great simple-to-use machine with an integrated milk carafe and one touch technology that allows you to make different drinks at the touch of a button. It allows you to personalize the amount and frothiness of your milk though you are limited to using Nespresso coffee capsules.

    1. The Keurig Rivo Cappucino and Latte System
                        best coffee latte makers you need to check out when buying coffee machines.


The machine, a combination of an auto single serve espresso unit and a frothing system allows you to brew an espresso, latte or cappuccino with great functionality and personalization. This makes it easy to brew a barista-like latte and have fun with art from the comfort of your home. However, as with many capsule coffee machines, the coffee doesn’t get too hot.


best coffee latte makers you need to check out when buying coffee machines.

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How to Embrace and Use Adversaries as Tools to Push Yourself to Success

How to Embrace and Use Adversaries as Tools to Push Yourself to Success

You might look at anybody asking you to embrace your adversaries suspiciously. The reason for this is you have heard it repeatedly said that opponents should remain at arm’s length. It is true that relationships with your adversaries tend to be quite tense.

Here’s what you can do to restore it.

Reduce the Tension

You can change it by reducing the tension, which is what embracing the adversary means. Taking the step allows you to make a positive decision that will reflect in other areas of your life too. Importantly, it will set you on course for the success you wish to achieve.

One of the most popular TV programs is Survivor. Occasionally, participants are offered the chance of taking a friend to a dinner or lunch after winning a reward. Often, the winner opts to take a foe rather than a friend. The winners realize that rivals are crucial for their game plans.

Categorize Your Adversaries

It’s important for you to understand the category your adversaries belong to. Adversaries can be:

  1. focused
  2. emotional
  3. vengeful

Life is a journey. In this journey, you need friends and foes alike. Friends have your back while rivals keep you on your toes. Foes ensure that you never have a moment’s piece. They keep you focused on staying ahead of the competition. In this regard, foes are crucial for your success.

Use Adversaries as Motivation to Innovate

Businesses understand the importance of competition. Some of the greatest innovations known to man have come about because entrepreneurs were forced to innovate. Without innovation, the competitors would have destroyed and buried some of the well-acclaimed entrepreneurs.

Adversaries can also be detrimental to your success through:

  • casting a cloud of doubt over your abilities
  • sapping energy
  • stymieing progress
  • distracting you from attaining your goals

Adversaries can emerge anywhere. Examples include:

  • your colleagues at work who feel threatened and uncomfortable by your skills
  • a superior at work who refuses to acknowledge any good idea you bring to the table
  • a subordinate who never passes any opportunity he gets to undermine your leadership

Don’t Ignore the Issue, Face it Head on

Ignoring, sidestepping or attempting to contain your adversaries isn’t a good way of handling this problem. Your success depends on your ability to turn these adversaries into allies or collaborators. Your networks, positions, and careers will benefit greatly as a result.

So, are you still unwilling to learn how to embrace adversaries and use it as a tool to succeed? The hope is that you now have the information that can help you develop a strategy for fixing the relationship with your adversaries. Use the information to build a ladder that leads to success.

Until next time!


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Top Vitamins to Take Daily for Energy, Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Top Vitamins to Take Daily for Energy, Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

We try to eat healthy but sometimes it's just not possible to have all the time to prep a meal that has all the must-have vitamins in it, especially for people on the go.  So what do we do? We go to the popular route - taking supplements! Read on if you've been wanting to get on top of your game with your vitamin intake. 

Vіtаmіn A


Nо dоubt vіtаmіn A is first on this list. It wіll always bе number оnе on thе lіѕt for tор vitamins as it еnrісhеѕ and it also рrоtесtѕ our body. Vіtаmіn A асtѕ аѕ antioxidant which рrоtесtѕ our bоdу frоm rаdісаlѕ. It makes us live longer bу соntrоllіng our іmmunе ѕуѕtеm. It helps with our eyesight as well. It аlѕо increases your cell rерrоduсtіоn, bоnе grоwth and сеll ѕtrеngth. Basically, аlmоѕt аll kіndѕ оf vegetables аnd fruits like carrots, ѕwееt potatoes, squash, lеttuсе, еtс. are rісh with vіtаmіn A. Animal lіvеr іѕ аnоthеr hugе ѕоurсе thіѕ vіtаmіn which уоu can аdd tо уоur diet fооd meals.

Vіtаmіn C


Vіtаmіn C іѕ another wеll-knоwn vitamin whісh іѕ proven еffесtіvе in kееріng уоur ѕkіn wrіnklе frее. Vіtаmіn C рrоtесtѕ уоur skin and рrеvеntѕ many complex cardiovascular dіѕеаѕеѕ. Dосtоrѕ оftеn соnѕіdеr іt to bе ideal vitamin for оvеrаll hеаlth. Mоѕt fruits аnd vеgеtаblеѕ which соntаіn this vіtаmіn such аѕ orange, tоmаtо, lеmоn, guаvа, рарауа and ѕtrаwbеrrу.

Vіtаmіn D


Apart frоm UV ray оf ѕunlіght, уоu саn get vitamin D frоm соd lіvеr оіl аnd fіѕh oil, mіlk and оthеr fоrtіfіеd fооdѕ аnd supplements. Vіtаmіn D buіldѕ strong bоnеѕ. It аlѕо іnсrеаѕеѕ thе durability of your blооd сеllѕ. 

Vіtаmіn E

Vitamin E is аnоthеr antioxidant. Thе most рорulаr thеоrу іѕ thаt іt рrеvеntѕ аgіng. Truе enough, vitamin E аlѕо іmрrоvеѕ thе immune ѕуѕtеm and kеерѕ the blооd сеllѕ healthy. Sріnасh, nuts, vegetable оіlѕ, trорісаl fruits аrе аll grеаt ѕоurсе of vitamin E (also known as aging preventive food).

Vіtаmіn B6

Almоѕt аll B vіtаmіnѕ, eѕресіаllу B6 helps in рrоduсіng аntіbоdіеѕ and, thus, hеlрѕ fіghtіng bacteria аnd bacterial dіѕеаѕеѕ. It hеlрѕ thе сеntrаl nеrvоuѕ system run mоrе еffісіеntlу. Vitamin B6 is the cure to аnеmіа аѕ іt hеlрѕ thе рrоduсtіоn оf rеd blооd сеllѕ. Sо, B6 mаkеѕ уоur blood сеll wоrk mоrе efficiently аnd kеерѕ them hеаlthу. Bаnаnа, cauliflower, grареѕ, еggрlаnt, squаѕh are some of thе fооdѕ rісh wіth thіѕ vitamin.


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The Tactical All Round Nike SFB Field 6″ Boot

The Tactical All Round Nike SFB Field 6″ Boot

Built for the tactical athlete, the Nike SFB Field 6″ Boot is made all the materials everyone from your office runner to a first responder needs to do their job effectively. Breathable canvas and quick-drying fibers. Dynamic lacing. Ultra-lightweight comfort. Internal rock shield. Aggressive traction pattern on the outsole. Multi-surface grip. Puncture protection. Phylon midsole for stability and cushioning. If the feature list and the design silhouette isn’t enough, this boot combines Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman’s experiences as a member of the 10th Mountain Division in Italy and his time as the head track and field coach at University of Oregon. In short, it’s a good looking boot that was designed to keep you standing up.

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7 Tips To Make A Woman Like You

7 Tips To Make A Woman Like You

Most men do not pay too much attention to what they wear. If you fit this description, you should do something about it. Women are fond of looking at a man as a whole. That includes what you are wearing and how you are wearing it. The little things count, there's a big difference in someone who wears sunglasses which fit and another person who wears sunglasses which constantly slip and slide down their nose.

The right combination can do the magic with women. Dressing like a gentleman will drive any woman crazy. It is not about going old fashion, but about wearing clothes and accessories with style. Here are 7 tricks for men to make a woman fall in love with him. You can use them to improve and conquer any woman you want.

1.Accessories for Men

    Watch Accessories and Neckties - Mule Ties 

     As for accessories for men, the basic is the watch. It must be a good one, with a combination of metals and leather. Anything with rubber on a watch will look cheap, childish and unattractive. A leather band or a cool bracelet will add that plus you are looking for. When you combine it with the right outfit, then it is a killer.

    2. When the Suit is right

       Tailored suit and dressing stylish

      Do not underestimate the appeal of a suit for women. It is a piece of a man’s wardrobe that cannot go inadvertently. When a man wears a suit, he imposes, and his personality rises. However, that just happens if you do it right. Whenever you get a suit, it must be a tailored suit. If you don’t use it often, and it spends long periods inside your closet, check it before you wear it. You might have won or lost weight, and then your suit will not suit you as it did. In such cases, make further adjustments.

      3. The Basic Combination

      The basic essentials - Mens Clothing

       The basic combination never fails, and you can use it for any occasion. White shirt plus blue jeans or shorts. It's a simple and sexy look. You can use practically any style to fall into a casual or very informal occasion. Who doesn't have a white shirt and jeans in their closet,  you don't have to spend a forture to look great.

      4. Your Beard

      Mens Beard,  Beard Oil, Beard Style - Mule Ties 

      If you were blessed by nature with an abundant beard, then use it to your advantage. Women love it. Just remember that it requires maintenance. The beard that is not neat and combed will cause the opposite effect. You must trim it in such a way you show the jaw line that will resemble the wild look a woman loves.

      5. Don't hesitate to Roll Up your Sleeves

      Roll Up Your Sleeves - Mule Ties

      Do not doubt to roll up your sleeves. It is an indicator of strength and a working man that can make a woman fall into your feet instantly. It reflects security and the fact that you are in control. Also, you will have the chance to show you some of the muscles of your forearms. That will add points if you are engaged in working out.

      6. About Socks and Shoes

      Sock Colours and looking stylish - Mule Ties

      Men neglect socks and shoes. However, they are very important. It highlights the personality of a person. The essential for socks is that you must pick them the same color on both feet. Someone wearing two odd socks portrays the image of an unorganized bachelor who hasn’t done a load of laundry in a couple months and the two stray socks were the only socks available. 

      A man who pays attention to wearing stylish socks is on his game, nice socks are attention grabbers and also an easy conversion piece ... "Hey I love your socks!!".  Spend a little time and find yourself some nice socks. The ground rule is that you don’t pick your socks the same tone of your shoes and trousers. You must use them to create contrast. It is ok to select socks with stripes or other figures that match. A general rule of thumb is to use dark shoes with light socks and light shoes with dark socks. Now, about shoes, never forget to polish. They should look good as new so that you can conquer any woman. Then, chose the style right and according to the occasion. You don’t have to fill a whole wardrobe with shoes, but it is ok to have at least four different pairs, excluding your sneakers.


      7. Your Fragrance 

      Fragrance for Men - Men Style - Mule Ties

      The way you smell is important. It is a combination of you, your deodorant and any cologne you might use. Beware of your choice of these products since they must combine your personal scent. If you are not sure, ask a professional for advice. Any shop will gladly assist you. Once you have the perfect combination, then do not go wild with it. For women, it is not pleasant when a man has spread half the bottle of deodorant all over him. It creates an uncomfortable feeling. The best is to be discrete. That way, you will be sending the right message.

      For more articles like this check out our newsletter and our website for the latest stylish products.

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      Valentine's Day Gift Guide For The Minimalist

      Valentine's Day Gift Guide For The Minimalist



      Fit your cash, coins and up to eleven cards in a slim profile. The Note Sleeve stores flat bills with ease, has quick-access slots for your daily cards and a storage area with a convenient pull-tab for less used cards. There’s even a coin pouch that doubles as a business card protector. Slim your wallet, without turning your world upside down.



      A beautiful balance of small with convenient, the Slim Sleeve Wallet is easy to underestimate. Your two daily cards go in quick draw, then a tab lets you get to your infrequent cards. Most currencies fit easily with a half fold, keeping your essentials together in a nice, slim silhouette.



      The Card Sleeve is the slimmest style in the Bellroy arsenal. It can be used as a business card holder, or even as a full-time wallet for those who have a black belt in slimming their pocket contents. The main section features a pull tab for easy storage of cards and money, while the outside pockets can be used for quick-access items.





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      The Classical Bulbul Watches For Valentines Day - Give The Gift of Time

      The Classical Bulbul Watches For Valentines Day - Give The Gift of Time

      Mens watches for business



      With Valentine’s day just around the corner, a vast majority of lovers around the world are scattering around the internet as well as market places in search of the perfect present for their Valentine this year. It is also not unusual to find a certain percentage of those that are overtly cynical about the celebrations of Valentine ’s Day. However, for the majority, a dedication of a particular day every year for the purpose of appreciating those that you love regardless of whether it’s a lover, spouse, sibling, best friend or even your parents, is considered as a necessity.


      The traditional red roses as well chocolates compliment the one you wish to thank or express your love to just fine. But for those that want to go out of the way and look for something consisting of an ‘Awe’ factor for the purpose of serving as a Valentine’s Day Gift then look no more. Mentioned below is a newly emerged brand which not only guarantees excellence but also a classical sleek style of products. 


      What is Bulbul?

      Founded by Jacob Juul in the year 2013, Bulbul Watches is categorized as being a contemporary brand which manufacturers classic Scandinavian styled watches in a world filled with clocks being embedded into phones and other devices. A holistic frame as well as a sleek design guaranteed by Bulbul. According to Jacob Juul, the founder, the inspiration behind naming his company ‘Bulbul’ was that of a particular species of bird. The inspired birds are also labeled as a ‘bulbul’ and are categorized as being songbirds. With a very distinctive look and style of carrying the tune, they were what inspired Jacob into naming his contemporary watches company as ‘Bulbul’.


      Bulbul Pebble

      Bulbul Pebble Watch

      The Bulbul Pebble is the initial and foremost series of contemporary watches released by Jacob Juul, outer most design of which was heavily inspired by smooth pebbles which are most commonly found on the seaside located in a village within Denmark called ‘Hjerting’. Growing up in the surrounding areas along with its iconic shaped pebbles is what led to Jacob not only designing the watches in accordance to the Scandinavian pebbles but also naming his entire line of contemporary watches as ‘Pebbles’. Featuring a timepiece of pure titanium and the highest quality of leather, The Bulbul Pebble series start costing from $440.


      Showcasing a sleek, traditional yet a simple look, the manufacturing of Bulbul Pebble requires a long and complex series of step due to its pebble-like shape. Being water resistant in nature, the Bulbul Pebble’s most specialized feature Is the 10 years’ battery life along with its exceptionally high-quality usage of Italian leather. Composed by the utilization of high standard stainless steel, and consisting of the average dimensions of height 1.37 inches and width of 1.73 inches, The Bulbul Pebble effortlessly and effectively showcases the motto ‘less is more’. Hence if your loved one whom of which you wish to gift a watch specifically one manufactured from Bulbul, likes classic and simplistic designs within watches, then Bulbul Pebble is your best available option.


      Bulbul Facette

      Bulbul Facette Watch

      Being the second collection of simplistically designed Bulbul watches by Jacob Juul, The Facette by Bulbul features a 40mm face which is perfectly round in shape unlike Bulbul’s initial collected called ‘Pebble’. The facette consists of a crystal Sapphire display lined with simplistic markers. The facette is available on online stores with worldwide shipping as well as many retail stores. The Facette collection by Bulbul starts off at a price of $299 in an astonishing sex different colors each of which give out its own statement. Chose the one you like best and gift it to your loved one.


      Bulbul Ore

      Bulbul Ore, the third collection premiered by Bulbul fully represents the essence of Danish contemporary watches. It is perfectly circular in shape with a highly refined structure. The Ore by Bulbul also like the former collection, features a round sapphire which is not only water-prof in nature but also manufactured from the finest of quality to ensure optimum levels of durability. Built as well as manufactured carefully to maximize visual appeal along with its core aesthetics, The Bulbul Ore is definitely one of its kind.


      Built to showcase exceptionally high standards, The Bulbul Ore also features a Swiss movement which is gold-plated, a one of its kind battery which includes a battery life of an astonishing 10 years as well as a leather strap of the utmost premium Italian leather. The Bulbul Ore by Jacob Juul is available in six very visually appealing different colors. The Bulbul Ore price range begins at $340 and is considered as the ideal gift for a loved one to appreciate their presence in your life, for Valentine’s day. Classical, Simple, Reliable and durable, the Bulbul sleek watch collections are a must buy as Valentine’s day presents for your spouse, siblings or even your parents.

      I hope you liked this post and check out our site for the latest trend in fashion and accessories.

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      Butter In Your Coffee?! What Is BulletProof Coffee And Why Is It Good For You?

      Butter In Your Coffee?! What Is BulletProof Coffee And Why Is It Good For You?


      Thrilled by the exhilarating feeling he got from drinking yak-butter tea in Tibet, David Asprey came up with the Bulletproof Coffee recipe in 2009. Since then, the buzz of this energy boosting brew has carried on to gain popular acceptance. There are a few critics of Bulletproof Coffee but that is expected as hardly would any product cause such a sensation without opposition views coming up.

      So, what’s Bulletproof Coffee how is it prepared and in what ways does it benefit you?

      The Bulletproof Coffee Recipe


        • Bulletproof Coffee Beans
        • Brain Octane Oil (trade mark supplement of the Bulletproof Coffee Company made from coconut oil extract)


        • Grass-fed ghee or unsalted butter (Kerrygold is a good one)


      Bulletproof Coffee is quite easy to prepare.

      • Simply heap 2 ½ tablespoons of freshly-ground Bulletproof Coffee Beans into 8-12 oz of freshly boiled filtered water.
      • Add 1-2 tablespoons of Brain Octane and 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed ghee and mix all in a blender for about 30 seconds until a foamy latte is formed.

      When using Brain Octane for the first time, add one tablespoon and work your way up gradually until you get the strength that you desire.

      Health Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee

      Bulletproof coffee beans provide you with great mental boost and energy you need for the day’s activities. It contains the lowest level of toxins (mycotoxins) when compared with some other commercially available coffee varieties. High levels of mycotoxins reduce your mental edge.

      Grass-fed ghee gives you all the benefits of healthy milk fat and contains none of the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream. Combined with a balanced diet, you get more energy from your buttered coffee than you would from other blends

      Brain Octane Oil helps in improving brain function and supports ketosis which can trigger weight loss. It is actually stronger than Coconut Oil Extract in boosting the brain naturally by supplying 18 times more caprylic fatty acids to the brain.

      Bulletproof coffee offers you the satisfaction and sustained energy to keep you going for hours. It’s about time you taste the creamiest and most delicious cup of coffee you’ve tasted yet.

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      Cool Canadian Fashion Brands in 2017

      Cool Canadian Fashion Brands in 2017

      Canada has one of the best home-grown brands in the world and while the New Year’s just starting, let’s take a look at the wonderful brands that made a mark for Canada over the years. Canadian brands are more into basics that are captivating, practical and modern. As it is said, Canadian fashion is sensible, durable and classic, with rugged details that reflect the Canadian wilderness. A lot of elements in Canada’s fashion industry is inclined to the outdoors such as outerwear, workwear and sportswear that allows Canada’s home grown brands to create products that trademark of Canada’s Fashion sense. Here are some of the best Canada’s fashion brands we’ve seen in the market today.

      1. Nella Bella

      Nella Bella is founded by Tarek Al-Azbat and has its main office in Toronto’s fashion district. They are the brand who specializes handbags and accessories created from vegan fabrics which they aim to effortless offer their clients both sophistication and casualness. Nella Bella products are trendsetting and high-quality, created in a way that it creates a reflection of an urban-chic everyday lifestyle. Products are sold online, across Canada and abroad.


      1. Native Shoes

      Celebrities and sneakerheads alike, joint with appreciating the revolutionary interpretations that enlightened by the past and shaped for the future, as what they claim to be. Native shoes is a global footwear brand that products accessible, easy-to-wear silhouettes for everyday use. They are homegrown in Vancouver and had created signature “Future Classics” which they say a combination of innovation, originality and the key ingredient – lite-ness. Native shoes has made its way to the scene with their awesome sense of innovative style of footwear.


      1. Reigning Champ

      As a home-grown brand from Vancouver, Reigning Champ had made its mark in creating signature and premium athletic wear making its name by their guiding principle: Respect the details. Master simplicity.  They produces fleece garments for some of the most sought-after brands including Supreme, Alife, and Engineered Garments.  As masters of fleece and athletic wear, they make sure their products are cozy, reliable and quality that would totally satisfy and gives comfort to their clients.


      1. Raised by Wolves

      Presenting classic streetwear, Raised by Wolves continues to gain popularity until now with the streetwear crowd. It has made a mark in certain parts of the globe and their garments are mostly manufactured in Canada and a few in the USA. The brand presents Canadian standard of outerwear and turned it into an artistic way of streetwear. Quality over quantity is what they are aiming and has been a long-standing focal point. They produces one-off model, meaning they create and release products entirely of single-season and never repeated, so every pieces is essentially limited edition. In every season, Raised by Wolves creates a standard of streetwear that ultimately Canada can be very proud of.


      1. wings+horns

      wings+horns is born between Tokyo and Vancouver in 2004, aiming to combine Canadian taste of utilitarianism and Japanese-influenced minimalist feel. They are known for their contemporary menswear designed to balance rugged utility with considered simplicity. Wings+horns regularly make everything from accessories to footwear to your daily essentials.


      1. Herschel Supply Co.

      Much like any other Canadian brands, Herschel Supply Co. is widely known in the global industry. As their goal says, to create a timeless product with refine regard for detail, they did paved their way to their goal marking a timeless mark in each of their clients. The company has been around since 2009 and has been quickly expanding other accessories beyond their main products which are the bags. Even Herschel Supply Co. gathers inspiration from all parts of the world, the brand still has the real sense of Canadian feel and ruggedness.


      1. 18 Waits

      This awesome brand of menswear is created in Toronto which are built with the finest fabrics appropriate for every item within the collection. They make everything from sweaters and tees to full suits and outerwear and uses heavy-duty materials that are purely made in Canada. 18 Waits emphasizes quality in its materials and craftsmanship with a lineup of products made by artisans and manufacturers in Canada and the United States.


      1. Needs&Wants

      Needs&Wants is an emerging brand that is based in Toronto offering a luxury sportswear brand that comes around with the idea - “a quality of life defined not by accumulation but rather a paring down to the essentials, designed for the aesthete of understated taste and international sensibility.” They held an extremely high standard for quality and aiming for elevating the foundations of menswear by including contemporary cuts and detailing. Currently, Needs&Wants now have expanded their collection by adding shirts, hoodies, home fragrance and a bi-annual publication of their outputs and designs.


      1. Roots

      If you are a real Canadian, you will very familiar with this brand known for its leading lifestyle brand of quality leather goods, apparel, accessories and home furnishings. Founded in 1973, Roots has more than 220 retail stores in Canada, the United States and Asia (China, Taiwan). Roots paved its way to the scene by making each of their products has a nostalgic quality that every Canadian and non-Canadian will sense and admire.


      1. WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

      Started producing luggage and has now expanded into other essentials such as gloves, slippers, and cases for phones and tablets. WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie is a brand that offers modern travelers from streamlined weekenders to modern briefcases to backpacks and accessories. As what the co-founder Byron Peart said, their goal is to look at all of the needs of people in motion and figure out how they could better their experiences by making things that are useful, functions well, with quality materials and construction that delivers value.


      1. SOREL

      This brand has been in the industry for decades with the aim of bringing functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion. SOREL is known as one of the world’s best-selling cold weather boots by combining felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction to their products with people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty.


      1. Muttonhead

      Muttonhead is a brand that produces Canadian unisex sportswear, proudly made in Toronto. Slow design is their main focus, a counter movement to fast-fashion, offering a wide range of selection from sweats, tees, hats, dress shirts, and slacks, with a more active, outdoorsy slant. Muttonhead makes sure that they make clothes that look good using sustainable materials and fair trade practices that makes sure their products to outlast trends.


      1. Canada Goose

      The ultimately cold weather in Canada has Canada Goose win over many brands because of its legendary warmth and quality among its products. This brand has been over 50 years and has never failed ever since. All products are all produced in Canada to make sure of its quality. Canada Goose is best equipped by arctic explorers that goes to insanely cold temperatures. They offer a precision of every cut, fold and stitch is one that’s guided by decades of experience.


      1. Leafwood

      Leafwood is known to produce wood watches and sunglasses. Their aim is to create a unique concept of fashion by interweaving nature as its basic foundation. Each item is handmade by professional dedicated craftsmen who work with wood and quality on a daily basis. Other than watches and sunglasses, they also make covers for cellphones, with non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. Even though several watches may be made from the same piece of wood, each product is unique as the wood grain is always a different color and intensity.

      Leafwood ensures that they give back to whatever they take from nature so even though all of their products manufactured are from mostly recycled wood, Leafwood still pledges to plant a tree for every watch sold.


      1. Mule Ties

      Classic yet modern vibe neckwear and accessories is what Mule Ties is specialized for. Mule Ties started by creating men’s neckwear by hand and has expanded with talented people that assisted them in creating excellent products. Currently, it has an amazing group of artisan craftsmen and experienced tailors who are responsible for quality and fineness of Mule Ties products. They offer high-quality and on-trend menswear which only started from simple neck wears and expanded to different styles of apparel including bow ties, neck ties, watches, jewelry, socks and pocket squares. These apparels are designed to fit any of your wardrobe style and help you create a new and unique look that could definitely fit for a perfect #OOTD.

      The company aims to compete and has been since then competing to the fast growing neck wears and apparels in the fashion industry. The quality and stylish designs of Mule Ties products had made it to the top of its field. It is never a doubt that by the great and creative minds Of Mule Ties, this company will continue to present exceptional products to its gratified customers all over the world.


      So there you go - our current list of the best fashion brands in Canada. I bet you now have a lot of selection in choosing what product you should use. One thing’s for sure, there are Canadian brands emphasizing quality and sturdy products, so whatever fits your needs, you are sure of standard product created to suit your taste.





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      Make Every Year The Best Year Ever - Start 2017 Off Strong

      Make Every Year The Best Year Ever - Start 2017 Off Strong

      A new year is a fresh start. Having a successful 2017 depends on you and how good you are managing things in your life. Here is some practical advice to make sure you are on your way to success.

      Set Goals in 2017


      Setting New Goals

      To set new goals is the first step to having a successful 2017. When you set new goals, make sure they are SMART:

      Specific enough they are clear for you now and in the future.

      Measurable means you can quantify the progress towards your objective.

      Attainable, so that you can reach the goal.

      Realistic, meaning you should be able to attain them within the given time frame.

      Time bounded, within the current year.

      If you want to set long-term goals, make sure you break them into smaller steps so that you can set a time frame within the year.


      Be prepared for the Worst Case Scenario

      When you plan your goals, make more than one plan. Always be ready for the worst case scenario, and adjust your course if needed. If you are not prepared, you will hardly achieve your goals. You must have a contingency plan at all times. Pull it out only if needed, and work hard to get to your goal with your primary plan.

      A contingency plan means change, and you must accept and embrace it. If you resist to changes, you will hardly be able to adjust course when you are not going the right way. Keep your eyes open to identify new opportunities and make changes gradually. There is no need for a radical turn unless you find yourself driving the wrong way. Most changes in life are just about fine tuning your current lifestyle.



      Continuity is important. Goals set at the beginning of the year must have a link to your previous targets. You cannot just use the New Year as an excuse to set goals that have nothing to do with what you have been working on. The goals you set must be part of a greater plan, the plan of your life.

      If you do not have a life plan yet, then it is time to start. Which are your dreams? Define your dreams first, and plan accordingly. Dreams are meant to become goals, and new goals should be in line with your dreams. Eventually, once you are about to get one of your dreams, defining another. Then, start preparing the ground to get that second dream too.

      Your new goals don’t have to be completely unrelated to your old targets. In fact, it is better to have a plan that frames the bigger picture. In that plan, continuity is key to success, not just in 2017, but in life.



      Journaling seems to be an outdated activity nowadays. However, it is more important than ever to learn from our past experiences and reflect on what we have achieved in life. It is an excellent way to clear your mind and prepare for what is coming next.

      You can make use of new technologies like smartphones to make journaling easier. The important thing about the journaling experience is to make it count as a self-reflection time. To do it constantly is the best way to get results. When you start, never stop.

      Be truly honest with your journal. It can become your best friend and confidant. Find your deepest feelings while you are journaling and create a bond with your writing. It is a way of self-discovery, and if you intend to pretend and conceal your feelings, it will not work. Most times, you have the answers within yourself, but prejudices and noise cover them. Writing an honest reflection will help you to uncover the cobwebs on top of your mind and discover your true self.

      You will learn much more you think about you just by journaling.


      Time Management

      Time management is one of the most useful skills most people need to achieve their goals. One of the most common phrases nowadays is “I don’t have time” or “it is not the right time.” Both phrases are not referring to the regular 24-hour ticking clock every day and the 365 days are going throughout a year. They mean your relative time is not right. That relative time is the one you must learn to manage.

      First of all, you can use a time-tracking app to learn about your habits. Record every single thing you do on your day. You must add everything, from having breakfast to work and recreational activities. Make sure your list also has the record of the time you spend thinking, talking to other people and attending unplanned interruptions.

      All these activities are an indicator of what you are doing. Analyze them thoughtfully, and you will find that most your time is drowning on useless activities. However, your relative time is not aware of it because they are entertaining and therefore seem the blink of an eye.

      Once you know where your time is gone, rearrange your schedule. Make a basic program and create a routine with at least 50% of your time devoted to productive activities. Make appointments with yourself to get the most important things done. When you are creating your basic schedule, add 10 to 30 minutes at the beginning of your day to plan the current day. Use that time to check your basic program and add those things you need to get done at the present day. If you have other things to do the following days, make an update so that you can have everything under control. Even conversations and recreational activities should have a schedule. Then, just follow it. It will not be easy at first, but once you get used to it, it will be a piece of cake.

      When you plan your basic schedule, add time to handle interruptions on a schedule. The good idea is to set a timetable of “working hours” to attend people talking to you over the phone or messages. You cannot force people to talk you only during that time, but you can silence any means of communication outside these hours. That way you will focus on your scheduled tasks when they are scheduled and will not delay them due to interruptions. Use your interruption time to answer emails and make phone calls. You can also assign the idle time to recreational activities. That way the interruptions will not impact the performance of your day.

      Manage all the communications you start properly. Good advice to do so is to take the first 5 minutes before the conversation starts to set the objective. What is it that you want to get from the communication? Ask this question in advance, and you will go straight to the point faster, saving time for you and your interlocutor. Make it a habit, and you will do it automatically.


      Eliminate Distractions

      Eliminate distractions and focus on your goals. Procrastination is one of the main time wasters. Keep your mind apart from all distractions that are not adding value to your life either personal or professionally.

      Some of the following are practical advice to eliminate distractions.

      Avoid unnecessary breaks.

      Block social media while you are working.

      Limit your attention to tweets and other social media.

      Manage your schedule upfront before you start your day and stick to it.

      Reduce your texting.

      Silence your incoming email.

      Turn off sales pitches sources.

      Turn off your phone on a schedule.

      Turn off your TV.

      Not all these distractions apply to your particular lifestyle, and you may have other distractions drowning your time. Use this list as a basis. Eliminate the lines you don’t use and add new items as needed.

      To find your personal distractors, check all your activities carefully. Distractions come even while you sleep. For example, you can set a bedtime routine that includes downloading your mind on paper. After all, they are also distractions to a good rest.


      Think it twice on your next Purchase

      Material things will not bring you success. They are just an additional distractor on your way. Think it twice on your next purchase. Do you really need it? Will it serve a purpose? Is it a way to succeed?

      If you cannot answer positively to any of these questions, most likely you don’t need it. Do not hesitate to skip that purchase and move on. By sticking to what you strictly need, you are going to save some money and most of all, save some time.

      When you get things you don’t need, you lose focus too. By identifying your needs properly, you will be able to take your efforts to that path and avoid others.


      Work on your Relationships

      Work on real-life relationships. Don’t get engaged with social networks and virtual connections.

      Look around and engage with people that matter and you will feel happier.

      Having somebody truly close to you will make your success really enjoyable. It is a matter of sharing with others what is happening in your life. There is no need to have thousands of friends, but just a few you can count on a single hand. Those few close friends are the ones that matter.

      Instead of spending time connecting with strangers, strengthen your bonds with people in real life. You will feel much better when you share your accomplishment with a close friend than sharing it with a million connections in social networks.

      Stay Positive in 2017 

      Keep a Positive Attitude

      If you want to get a positive outcome, a positive attitude is a start. Most happiness issues come from self-induced negative thoughts. Take the beginning of this year to gain a positive mood and keep it along the year.

      To keep a positive attitude, get surrounded by positive things. You must get away from people and messages that drive you to the wrong side. Get close to people with positive attitude. Celebrate all your achievements to keep you motivated. When you make mistakes, learn but never get stuck or regret any of it.

      Don’t be afraid of winning and fulfilling your goals. At times, the wrong attitude comes from fear, and you must keep away from it. Fear will only tie you to failure and will cloud your mind from any opportunity that shows on your way. Citing a famous phrase, “fear is the path to the dark side,” and the dark side has no positive attitude at all.

      Believe you can, do it and enjoy the journey. Every small achievement will keep you motivated. That is the way to keep a positive attitude at all times.



      Use the fresh new start of the year for reflection. Meditation is useful to eliminate the noise surrounding you and take acquaintance of your true self. Spare some time for reflection. That will allow you to learn from your past actions and have a prosperous 2017.

      With the thoughts that pop in your mind, grab those things that you did right and brought you the better results, and keep on doing them. They are proved ways to achieve success, and you already know the way because you did it before.

      Look at your mistakes from a distance and ask yourself how you can do it better if you are in the same situation again. Learning is part of living, and mistakes will allow you to learn the most. You will make better choices in the future once you take some time for reflection.


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      Terry & Monica 

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