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10 Skin Care Tips For Men

10 Skin Care Tips For Men

1. Use A Face And Body Wash

Like it or not, you can’t keep using your girlfriend’s or wife’s facial products on the sly. Your skin is different, and this is no joke. You sweat differently, and your pores are larger, so you trap more dirt and pollution with your skin than she ever will. Get your daily grooming drills in order with a face and body wash made for you. This is a preseason play that works all year. You have to use a face and body wash every day, no exceptions.

 2. Drink More Water

Between plays, you have to stay hydrated from the inside out, which makes drinking water a play all its own. Even when you’re on the go, you need to drink water. Of course, sometimes we’d just rather have something else instead of paying for another plastic bottle of “spring” water, so invest in a bottle with a built-in filter. The water will taste better, and it’s better for you.

3. Wash Your Face Daily

Wash your face with a cleanser when you shower and again before going to sleep at night. Keeping your skin clean and hydrated should be a daily habit. If traveling, be sure to wash after long-haul flights once you have landed. It may be a simple play, but the good ones usually are.

4. Take A Nap

The “sleeper” play is simple and easy. Sleep is the most underrated tactic in maintaining healthy skin. You might be sleeping, but your skin is slowly regrouping for the next challenge. Don’t let yourself become sleep deprived. Take a nap if you need one. You’ll have to work on this without feeling like you should be doing something else.

5. Exercise

Getting your blood flowing around your body is beneficial for your entire being, but your skin will literally come alive when it gets fresh oxygen quickly. Even if you can’t get to the gym every few days, a quick walk every day will do you good. Just put some hustle into it like it’s the last play of the game.

6. Use Sunscreen

Get this through your head now: You need sunscreen all year. Even if you already have a tan, you still need it to protect the deeper layers of your skin. How much you use and where you put it depends on the offensive positions of the sun and weather.

7. Apply An Aftershave Balm With A Moisturizer

Yes, your dad and grandfather used an abrasive aftershave that stung. Even your uncles might swear by it, but they also played with leather helmets and no face masks. Nothing should sting after you shave, and if it does, then you’ve done something wrong. Using a moisturizing aftershave balm is the play you call right after a great shave.

8. Exfoliate Every Other Day

Shaving helps to exfoliate your beard areas, but you still have to worry about your nose, forehead and the skin behind your ears and along your neck. These areas and those you shave should be exfoliated every other day in the shower to scruff away dead skin cells and clean clogged pores. Think of exfoliating as the defensive audible play you call when you know your skin has had a rough couple of days.

9. Balance Your Diet

This is a multifaceted play that will take some practice before you get it right, so let’s break it down. 

First, drink less diuretics. Aside from dehydrating you and making you feel panicked most of the day, diuretics like pop also contribute to sleepless nights and anxiety, which are never good for you or your skin. 

Second, choose a salad instead of fries. It’s this simple: Poor circulation means poor skin. If your blood can flow freely, then all the oxygen and nutrients you take in will move to your skin and other organs more efficiently. Fried foods slow down circulation and result in pale, grungy skin.

Third, eat less meat. It takes a long time to digest, and while you still need protein, you also need to up your fruits and vegetables intake. Fruits with plenty of water help to hydrate you and provide nutrients. Vegetables, while nutritious, also help to clean your digestive tract of toxins, which ultimately make their way to your skin and the rest of your organs. A healthy diet prevents this from occurring. Now, put all of these in motion, and you have an unstoppable defensive line.

10. Take Your Vitamins

Healthy and beautiful skin is achieved when you pay as much attention to your nutrient intake as much as you do to skincare. Vitamin deficiencies often manifest on the skin, so it goes to show that vitamins play a vital role in skin health. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep your vitamin levels optimal and your skin glowing as a result. Just in case you might not be getting all your required vitamins add a multi-vitamin and a fish oil into your daily diet.

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The First Shoe Made from Recycled Gum - The GumShoe

The First Shoe Made from Recycled Gum - The GumShoe


In cities around the world, one of the most common waste problems is something you might not expect: chewing gum. Literally millions of kilograms of gum are left behind on city streets every year. And now one major city – Amsterdam – is doing something about it. The city’s marketing organization, IAmsterdam, is partnering with a high-end shoe designer, Explicit Wear, and a sustainability company called Gumdrop in order to introduce the world’s first ever shoe made from recycled gum: the Gumshoe.

gumshoe recycled gum shoes 

These high-end kicks don’t come cheap – the retail price will be $232 when they debut in June – but they are part of an effort to bring awareness about the problem of gum on city streets. The goal, in fact, is to have gum-free streets in Amsterdam. According to city officials, gum is the second-most common waste product found on city streets, trailing only cigarettes. As a result, the tagline of the new Gumshoe will be “For the sole purpose of clean streets.”


The creation of the Gumshoe is actually rather ingenious. First, the city needed to hire someone to collect and clean up all the gum on Amsterdam’s urban streets. That’s actually a tall task because, every year, people deposit 1.5 million kilograms of gum on the streets. Then, once all the gum has been collected, it needs to be recycled into a more usable form.

Recycled Gumshoe made from gum

That’s where Gumdrop comes into the picture. The company has created a number of innovative processes for creating new sustainable compounds for the rubber and plastics industry. And this time around, the goal is to create a synthetic rubber compound comprised of at least 25% gum. Then, once this rubber compound has been created, it can be molded into a bright pink rubber sole. For now, the shoe will come in both bubblegum pink and red/black. In June, look for retailers to stock Gumshoe.


The bright color pink, of course, will help to raise awareness about the gum problem in city streets. But will it actually work? After all, many people think nothing of leaving their gum behind wherever they want. It’s the reason why you’ll find gum stuck on park benches, on the bottom of city bus seats and, of course, all over the street.


Amsterdam officials say that they want to bring awareness “without being preachy.” In today’s eco-conscious world, where most people have at least started thinking about ways that they can reduce their environmental footprint – one easy way to reduce that footprint (literally) is by wearing a shoe made from recycled gum.


It’s all part of a broader effort by the fashion industry to look at waste differently. Several Canadian fashion and lifestyle brands – including wood watch company

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How To Give Your Wardrobe a Summer Makeover

How To Give Your Wardrobe a Summer Makeover

When it comes to fashion, summer is the one season of the year that many men tend to ignore. Once the warm weather arrives, there’s a natural inclination to rely on wardrobe staples like t-shirts and jeans. But here’s the thing – men’s summer looks are continually changing, becoming more stylish and sophisticated every year. T-shirts and jeans that you wore just a few years ago now look out-of-date.


For example, let’s take the humble T-shirt. If you’re like most men, it’s probably your favorite go-to item. But there are plenty of new fashion options that can really help you to elevate your fashion game. Simply changing the cut of your T-shirt can make a huge difference.

 Vitaly Fish Cut Shirt

One T-shirt that we think is worthy of men fashion tips comes from Vitaly Clothing, a Canadian menswear company based in Toronto, Ontario. They have created an A-Cut Tee that has what can best be described as a wide collar and an asymmetrical swoop bottom. It’s designed to be worn outside of your pants or shorts, not tucked in. Moreover, this A-Cut Tee has slightly longer sleeves than traditional T-shirts, making them perfect for rolling up. This A-Cut Tee has a little extra detailing on the collar and sleeves, making it a perfect layering choice for a jacket of any kind.

Fishtail Sleeveless tee in acid black

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit at the park, lake or beach, then Vitaly Clothing also has the Fishtail Sleeveless tee in acid black. In many ways, this is the perfect summer shirt and can be paired with shorts and sunglasses. It’s cut wider than regular tanks, giving it a different style and feel, while keeping you cooler. Moreover, if you order one size larger than you regularly wear, it creates a very long stylish look.


Another part of your summer wardrobe that you can give a makeover is your favorite pair of jeans. Jeans are the cornerstone of men’s dressing style, so every season the best fashion designers find a way to raise their game a notch. Case in point – the new Psycho Destroyed Denim and Racer Wash Stripe Denim jeans from Canadian brand Kollar Clothing. These jeans take distressed denim to a whole new level. These jeans include some really fashion-forward features – like an ankle zip closure and a lace belt loop. If you want to look like a rock star or celebrity, these distressed jeans from Kollar Clothing are an obvious choice.

Colourful Summer Bow Tie



And what if you are invited to an event that requires a stylish men’s outfit? That’s when you’ll want to consider adding some premium neckwear as the perfect accent piece to your wardrobe. Mule Ties has a whole range of premium ties that can be paired with any occasion. Fourth of July summer barbecue party? No problem – Mule Ties has the American Flag skinny necktie. Big corporate bash? Look dressed up – but not too dressed up – with a Blue Ash knitted tie or Dandelion squared-bottom knitted necktie. Knit ties are the way to go if you are want that extra level of style beyond business casual. And there are also of premium, artisanal ties and bowties if you need something formal for a summer wedding.


As you can see, upgrading your summer wardrobe doesn’t mean tossing out what you already own and starting from scratch. T-shirts are still part of fashion today – but think about a different cut or look for that extra boost of style. And the same goes for summer jeans – a distressed look with a lace belt can really change your overall fashion profile. Stylish men’s outfits today are about making subtle design choices that accentuate your own personal sense of style.


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The Intelligent Sneaker Digitsole Smartshoe

The Intelligent Sneaker Digitsole Smartshoe

Digitsole Smartshoe integrates street style with wearable technology, featuring auto tightening, accurate tracking, and individual coaching based on your movements.



Digitsole Smartshoe 


  • HEALTH ANALYTICS - Movement sensors analyze pronation, supination, propulsion levels, impact force, fatigue, posture, steps, calories, and more creating precise data that prevents injuries and improves your health.
  • SMART CONNECTIVITY - Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity enables personalized coaching recommendations, walking pattern analysis, and more in real-time via smartphone app based on activity data.
  • SNEAKER DESIGN - Next gen shoe design includes auto-lacing, temperature regulation with heating, and more. The Smartshoe is designed into an ultra-light, premium leather and Neotech EVA shoe.

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The New Nike Epic React Shoe Is, Well, Epic

The New Nike Epic React Shoe Is, Well, Epic

Nike React Shoes Black


As part of its ongoing rivalry with Adidas, Nike just launched the latest salvo: a brand-new running shoe called the Nike Epic React Flyknit. This new running shoe, by combining the brand’s legendary Flyknit technology with a brand-new cushioning technology called React, would seem to offer an unbeatable combination. For both elite and casual runners, this is a shoe that is lightweight and soft, but also highly responsive and highly cushioned.


White Nike React Shoe


According to the Nike design team behind React, the shoe will be 30% lighter than anything that Adidas currently offers. And that’s really the big point here – Adidas had been winning over customers with its own cushioning technology known as Adidas Boost, and it’s clear that Nike is trying to tilt the playing field once more to its advantage. The Nike strategy here is simple – deliver a better cushioning technology than anything Adidas has, and avoid making any trade-offs when it comes to overall design.

 Black Nike React Shoe

To come up with the world’s best cushioning technology, Nike has apparently spared no expense. They even brought in world-famous sprinter Michael Johnson – an 8-time World Champion and 4-time Gold Medalist – as a consultant on the new shoe. Johnson has given the shoe his seal of approval, raving about the shoe’s comfort and support.

Nike cool fashion Nike React Shoes


What makes the Nike Epic React really stand out is how well it combines the new React technology with the Flyknit upper. This is a shoe that is clearly meant to absorb the everyday pounding of an elite runner, but not be so bulky or heavy that it cuts down on the running experience. In short, the shoe is sleek, lightweight, durable and very soft.


And here’s the thing – it’s exactly those qualities that make the shoe such a potential hit with casual runners. Think about the average athlete – they’re not running on soft indoor tracks, they’re running on hard asphalt and concrete, and that leads to a lot of wear and tear on muscles and joints. The Nike Epic React would seem to be tailor-made for these casual weekend athletes.

White Nike React Shoes


And, as Johnson points out, that same React cushioning technology also makes the shoe a perfect match for older runners who are looking for extra support and new design features that will minimize the risk of an injury. While the Nike Epic React is sure to be a hit with young Millennial runners, it’s also easy to see how it might become a crossover hit with older runners over the age of 40.

Nike React Flyknit Shoe


If there’s one thing that Nike is famous for, it’s the splashy marketing campaigns that accompany every shoe, and it looks like Nike is going all-in on its new React technology. There were huge launch events in New York and London, and Nike has been touting the fact that the shoe will be available in even more colors by the end of 2018.

Black Nike React Shoes 

If you’re a casual or elite runner, the new Nike React shoe could become your new go-to training shoe. The Nike Epic React Flyknit is flexible, durable, lightweight and offers a state-of-the-art cushioning system. What more could you want from a running shoe? The Nike Epic React Flyknit is indeed Epic.

Check them out at or here.

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The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

Whether you are choosing a new outfit for the office or considering new wardrobe choices for a “big night out,” you need to avoid several classic fashion mistakes that men make, year after year. In a worst-case scenario, your office co-workers might have serious questions about your ability to take on new client work, and your new romantic interest might decide that you are still not grown up enough for a serious relationship. The stakes are high, so don’t fall into these classic fashion traps.


Mistake #1: Going with man-made, synthetic fabrics over natural fabrics


OK, we get it, it might seem time-consuming to actually read the label on the inside of a shirt, jacket or pair of pants. But just a 30-second scan of that label might save your life (figuratively speaking, of course). That’s because you will be able to see which fabrics were made in the construction of the garment you are considering.

This is no small matter, mostly because man-made and synthetic fabrics may look good on the store rack, but don’t hold up well. After a few times wearing them, these garments start to show the reasons why they were so inexpensive in the first place. Ever wonder why some men’s suits are priced under $199, and some are even under $99? The answer has to do with the materials used to make them.


Polyester might seem like a no-brainer because (a) it’s cheap and (b) it tends not to wrinkle as much as fabrics like cotton or wool. However, that polyester suit, shirt or pair of pants will start to look shiny after just a few days. Even worse – the material feels cheap and inexpensive to the touch. As a rule of thumb, go with natural fabrics. [The only possible exception here is a cotton/spandex mix, where a little extra spandex can help t-shirts retain their proper form]


Mistake #2: Choosing the wrong accent pieces for your outfit


Unlike women, men have fewer opportunities to accessorize their outfits. Your options are relatively limited – cufflinks, pocket squares, maybe a pair of sunglasses. However, there is one accessory that any man can use to bolster their wardrobe, and that’s the simple bowtie. Nothing says “I’ve got a sense of style” than pairing a bowtie with a suit or casual jacket.


A fashion-forward bowtie is best reserved for a special occasion or holiday. For example, imagine wearing an American flag ready-to-wear bowtie on July 4th to celebrate America’s independence. Or wearing a baby blue checkered bow tie to celebrate the birthday of a young boy. So, the next time you are thinking of pairing a drab tie with a gray suit (a dead giveaway that you have no sense of style), think about spicing things up with a high-end, fashion-forward bowtie.


Mistake #3: Getting your jeans all wrong


If there’s one thing that men consistently get wrong, it’s not understanding which types of jeans to wear. Here’s a big tip: you can’t wear the same jeans in 2018 that you wore in 2008 and 1998. Times change, styles change. If you are wearing skinny jeans and baggy jeans are in fashion, you are going to look like a misplaced time traveler. And vice versa.


But here’s the thing – styles can come back into fashion. Consider the whole concept of wearing “destroyed denim” jeans. This was a fabulously popular trend, and then it seemed to go out of style. And now… it ‘s back. Consider, for example, the new destroyed denim jeans from Kollar Clothing – they are perfectly on-trend as we head into 2018.




The important point to keep in mind is that you don’t need to over-think men’s fashion in order to be fashionable. Just keep these simple tips in mind the next time you’re out shopping, and you can avoid making a regrettable fashion faux pas.

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Three Creative Ways for Men To Get Really Festive For the Holidays

Three Creative Ways for Men To Get Really Festive For the Holidays

With the winter holiday season right around the corner, there’s still plenty of time to come up with some creative wardrobe twists that will help you stand out from the crowd. After all, dressing for the holidays shouldn’t mean simply putting on one of those ugly Christmas sweaters that people love to photograph and post on Instagram. With that in mind, here are three creative ways to get really festive for the holidays.


Idea #1: Holiday beard lights


OK, this idea really only works if you’ve carefully groomed a hipster beard over the past 12 months. But, there is an undeniable “Wow” factor here – decorating your beard with tiny holiday lights. Who needs to decorate a holiday tree with lights when you can simply decorate your beard?


This look first burst into the mainstream during the 2016 winter holidays, when men in London were festively decorating their beards with tiny holiday lights. There was even a pop-up grooming stall at the East Village Christmas Maker’s Market in Stratford, at which men could have a professional stylist light up their whiskers to glow like a Christmas tree. Since then, the idea of creating a distinctive fairy glow for men’s beards has traveled across the pond, and is now set to light up the holidays here in Canada.


Idea #2: A unique one-of-a-kind Christmas Necktie

 Christmas Necktie at Mule Ties

If you are going to wear a necktie to a big holiday event – like a corporate office party – then you might want to consider a unique, one-of-a-kind bowtie that you simply can’t find anywhere else. With a tie from Canadian-based fashion company Mule Ties, for example, you could easily create a look that people will be talking about for long after the holidays have wound down. How about a bow tie featuring New York City taxi cabs or a bow tie printed to look like a QR code (a potential big favorite with the Toronto tech crowd)?


Idea #3: A watch made from recycled wood

 Leafwood Wood Watches for menstyle

The holidays are also the time of the year when fashion-forward men experiment with new watch styles. Traditionally, this means investing in a new watch the way you would a piece of expensive jewelry. But what about a watch made from completely recycled wood at a price point significantly lower than you might expect?


On the Mule Ties website, you’ll also find a full collection of Leafwood watches, which are all made from recycled wood and the highest quality components. For example, there’s the Juglan Nut Gold, made from naturally recycled sandalwood with a very distinctive clock face featuring gold dials and matching gold second, minute and hour hands. Best of all, it’s all designed and made in Canada.


Of course, how you celebrate the holidays is up to you. But 2017 could be the year that you finally put an end to the annual rite of getting a boring tie, sweater or watch as a holiday gift from loved ones. A festively decorated beard is the perfect complement to a unique, one-of-a-kind bow tie or a handcrafted wood watch made from real Canadian wood.

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Decorate your Beard this Holiday Season with Beard Baulbes

Decorate your Beard this Holiday Season with Beard Baulbes

Well it's almost that time of the year again, "Christmas season".  Who needs to decorate a Christmas tree when you can show your Christmas spirit by decorating your own beard with Beard Baubles. 

Be a trend setter,  a centre of attention at your Christmas party by rocking some beard baulbes like no other.  Get creative, a bit of green die for the beard might help take it to the next level of cool .. just saying. :) 

The Grey London creative agency, together with designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, came up with this strange product. Surprisingly, they are wildly popular – the first run of them has already sold out, though more should be made available. The proceeds will go to Beard Season, an Australian charity whose goal is to raise awareness of melanoma.

Don't forget to pick yours up HERE before they disappear.


Beard Bulbs for the Christmas Season

Beard Baubles Christmas Season in Canada



Beard Baubles

Beard Baubles


Follow the link to pick your set of Beard Baulbes.

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How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

In just the last few years, knit ties have emerged as a fashion “must have” for any men’s wardrobe. At one time, they were only designed for casual wear but now they are often paired with sport coats, vests and even suits. Here’s what you need to know about buying the perfect knit tie.


Soft vs. crunchy


“Crunchy” is usually not a word that you’d associate with men’s fashion, but it describes one of the two main types of knit ties. The other type is “soft.” Thus, the first choice you will have to make is whether you prefer the soft or crunchy knit tie.


This is both an aesthetic issue as well as a price issue. The crunchy ties are made using a special silk yarn from the Alps and are largely handmade on 100-year-old machines. As you might guess, you’re paying a healthy premium for this artisanal workmanship. Due to their stiffness and overall appearance, they are best paired with more formal outfits, such as a pinstripe business suit.


The soft ties offer a really smooth feel, and work well with casual outfits. These are made much like socks, and are unique because there are no seams in the back. If you’re looking for a casual tie to wear to a social event or for a casual day at the office, the soft knit tie is a great option.


Silk vs. wool


The next choice you’ll have to make is between silk – the traditional material used in knit ties – and other materials, such as wool, cashmere, polyester and blends. Now that knit ties are being worn more informally, the search is on to find new materials that work well for warmer spring and summer months. You could, for example, choose a linen/silk blend or a linen/wool blend. However, if you’re looking for the traditional look – or just want to err on the side of caution with your fashion choices – it’s best to opt for silk.


Wide vs. skinny


When selecting a knit tie, it’s also important to keep in mind how you plan on pairing them with your outfits. As a general rule of thumb, if your suit or sport coat has wide lapels, then you’ll want to choose a wider knit tie. And if your suit or sport coat has skinny lapels, then you’ll want to choose a skinner knit tie.




Now that you’ve narrowed down the knit tie by type, material and width, you can choose the right color. Here, it’s best to go with traditional color palettes. For example, if you’re wearing a navy suit, it’s best to wear a blue or red tie. In general, darker colors – blues, reds, greens – can be paired with a much wider selection of outfits than bright color. Moreover, if you’re planning on wearing your knit ties with suits, it’s best to choose a solid color tie rather than, say, a striped or casual pattern. A solid colored knit tie that’s stiff and crunchy can really make your suit “pop” and help you stand out in any meeting.


By following just a few basic rules – such as choosing silk over other materials and opting for darker solid colors rather than patterns – you can buy a knit tie that will pair well with a variety of outfits and win you compliments for your unique fashion style.



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The Summer Outfit of the Year The Dude Romper - Get Yours Before they are Gone!!

The Summer Outfit of the Year The Dude Romper - Get Yours Before they are Gone!!

Let's hope there's a winter version coming soon for Canada.

All men owe a massive load of gratitude to the revolutionary style radar brimming with a charmingly contemporary and refreshingly new menswear trends. After the immensely popular boat shoes and all the rage fleece vests, flaunting your muscles abs and powerful biceps with sexy 5.25-inseam shorts, and giving newer style dimensions to how we style up a classic gingham button-down. We are proud and excited to announce the advent of the sexiest style trick, which is brimming with contemporary suave and a super-functional debonair.

Kickstarter’s latest project has caused quite the glamour frenzy over the internet, and we delighted that a quirky and energetic new label, RompHim, has introduced us to a charming new summer-friendly trend, rompers for men.

This exciting new label has truly revolutionized a gentleman’s attire, and divided the population of America in a hot debate over the merits of flaunting this humidity-escape rompers. RompHim has created more than $68000 in no more than two days, and this has set a new Kickstarter goal. This exciting new trend, which looks like a cross between an onesie and a romper, may be considered risky, but it’s truly what you need to innovate your wardrobe and flaunt an exclusive new trend.


The Romphim mensfashion


RompHim has brimmed menswear trends with charm and innovation with their latest creation, which must not be called a romper, but rather, a RompHim. It is an exciting new brand launched on kickstarter, which works wonders at providing men with a charming series of summer-friendly rompers to flatter their formal, casual and beachside attire. The variety is endless, and the colour palettes are truly enticing.

Now, come to think of it, rompers are always regarded as a no-no for gentlemen who wish to look sharp and sleek. But have we ever wondered why?

Is it because we associate certain bizarrely orchestrated gender labels to all trends, and pick out the ones that make us feel more manly? One doesn’t necessarily have to jump aboard the bandwagon of reigning trends, particularly when one isn’t confident whether a certain trend will flatter one’s physique and personality. It is important to understand that one mustn’t pick out the trends to stock in one’s wardrobe by scanning through a series of gender labels, and societal-approved trends that men ought to flaunt.

Rompers are usually considered a suitable fashion staple for women, however, most men have serious doubts about their functionality for menswear. Truth be told, one’s style is a commitment that one holds with oneself, and if you’re the kind of man who isn’t confident about jumping aboard the romper trend train, don’t force yourself to embrace it.

There are several women who consider rompers as a hideous staple, and a ridiculous addition to their wardrobe. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain men also considered it hideous and unmanly, along with believing that they make peeing ridiculously hard.  At the same time, countless men appreciate the comfort, summer-friendly vibes and the zipper fly luxury that comes with flaunting a romper. However, one can’t really deny the fact that it is after all, a risky styling territory to step into.

RompHim created this charmingly sexy new innovation to make something exclusive and unique for men, of the kind that wasn’t available in the fashion markets for guys. Who isn’t tired of flaunting the same old same old outfits, comprising of blazers, button-downs and pants? Therefore, the guy romper was created to give men a classier fashion staple that will set their style statement apart in the crowd. A romper will not only differentiate you and make your look highly exclusive, but more importantly, it will give your personality a voguish, fun-loving vibe.

We can state with utmost certainty that the dude rompers are going to emerge as the hottest new trend in the menswear fashion scene. And come to think of it, what’s not to love about a romper? It is luxuriously comfy, vibrantly bright-hued and amazingly summer-friendly!

The innovative brand showcased its suave collection of rompers by capturing the male models in their natural habitats and cultures. Be it having beer with your pals, hitting a beachside rave or attending a music festival, dude rompers are super-functional at beating the heat and humidity at any given occasion, any given day.

You can rock these babies in a wide array of prints, hues and styles. If you wish to channel your patriotic side, the America themed romper is a splendid pick, and if you wish to give your personality a burst of youthfulness, you get to play around with an unending myriad of insanely sexy prints. You can also experiment around with a lovely colour palette, consisting of florals, pastels, bright hues, and deep bold colours, liked red, burgundy, blue and lots more.

Here, feast your eyes on all the charm that RompHim has to offer:

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