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  • 11 Reasons Coffee is a Healthy Drink ( No. 8 is my Favorite)
  • Terry Arsenault

11 Reasons Coffee is a Healthy Drink ( No. 8 is my Favorite)

11 Reasons Coffee is a Healthy Drink ( No. 8 is my Favorite)

Coffee Healthy Drink Calgary Coffee

There can’t be really any adult in this country who hasn’t tried coffee yet. Americans, basically survive on coffee. According to a research, an estimated 100 million people consume coffee every day, and it is mostly their first food intake of the day.

The debate on whether coffee’s good or bad for health has been going on for quite some time now. However, many recent researches have weighed in the favor of coffee, forcing many people to start drinking it to prevent themselves from getting affected by a number of diseases.

Listed below are some health benefits of drinking coffee, as proved by research on human beings:

  1. Coffee reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases: Drinking just 1-2 cups of coffee per day can reduce the chances of many cardiovascular diseases. Anybody who’s serious and concerned about health is fully aware of the importance of a healthy cardiovascular system, so if you’re one of them, and don’t drink coffee at all then its better that you start right away.
  2. Coffee might help you in losing weight: Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which aids the human body in using insulin, regulating blood sugar levels, hence causing a reduction in your sugary treat cravings.
  3. Coffee helps in burning fat: The main ingredient present in the coffee; caffeine, helps fat cells in the body to break down body fat and use it as fuel for training.
  4. Coffee reduces risk of cancers: According to a study, coffee has proved to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. Coffee may also reduce the chances of developing one of the most common skin cancers, i.e. basal cell carcinoma.
  5. Coffee reduces risk of getting a stroke: It is said that moderate consumption of coffee, such as 2-4 cups every day, is connected with reduced chances of getting a stroke.
  6. Coffee consumption reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease: Studies suggest that drinking coffee helps in reducing risk of being affected by the Parkinson’s disease, by 25%.
  7. Coffee may lower risk of Type II diabetes: This is one of the most common health benefit of drinking coffee. Since caffeine consumption reduces your insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, your risk of developing Type II diabetes is reduced.
  8. Coffee helps you in staying physically fit: Caffeine increases adrenaline levels in your body, which means that it makes you ready for physical exertion. So, have a cup of black coffee an hour before you plan to start your workout session or anything similar to it, and experience improvement in your performance yourself.
  9. Alertness is directly linked with coffee consumption: Couldn’t sleep the whole night and have a lecture or office at 8 am? Then coffee is definitely your best friend. Consuming coffee helps in being more focused and improving your mental alertness.
  10. Coffee protects your brain: Consuming moderate amounts of coffee every day means there are high caffeine levels in your blood which in turn reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease and dementia.
  11. Coffee is a live saver; it brightens your mood, helps fight depression and lowers risk of suicidal attempts.


  • Terry Arsenault

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