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  • Why Wear a Pocket Square?
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    Monica Juno

Why Wear a Pocket Square?

Why Wear a Pocket Square?

Pocket squares are the equivalent of a power-take-off switch. The simple addition of a well chosen pocket square kicks-it-up a notch any time a guy wears a suit or a sports jacket (with or without a tie).

Pocket squares breathe life into mundane combinations. And, they add a power punch to elevate your perceived level of sophistication. They announce to the world that you are attentive to fine details, and assertive enough to be confident in your appearance.

So here are some tips on wearing the pocket square:

1) The folding of the pocket square seems to be the most common concern amongst men who haven’t previously availed themselves to the advantages of the pocket square. There are a number of options ranging from the square fold, to the single peak, and the triple. Here’s a link to a step-by-step guide entitled 9 Ways to Fold a Pocket Square. It’s just not that tough guys!

2) It’s not snot rag! A white cotton handkerchief is made for the “dirty work” of tears, and spills and (nose) drips. Pocket squares are NOT. Do not confuse the utilitarian hanky with the aesthetic pocket square — ever.

3) Pocket square colors should be chosen to compliment (not to duplicate) other accents such as the colors in your shirt, or in your tie (if you’re wearing one). The color of the pocket square in contrast to the color of the jacket or suit is something with which a “beginner” can start out gradually (with a subtle contrast) and work up to something that screams more confidence (with bolder contrast).

4) You don’t need the most expensive pocket square that money can buy, But, by all means - skip the cheap, small square of cardboard with fabric attached that’s intended to imitate the look of a pocket square. (reference tip number one — above)


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  • Post author
    Monica Juno

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