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  • How to stay stylish as you get older!
  • Post author
    Terry Arsenault
  • dapperfashionmen's style

How to stay stylish as you get older!

How to stay stylish as you get older!


Stylish old man - how to stay stylish as you grow olderTime sure does fly, we've all know people who seem to get stuck in their generation and can't seem to escape, you know the stuck in the 70's, or stuck in the 80's type of look and they just can't escape.  Don't be that guy, keep up with the times, adapt!  

The other day,  I was looking for a shirt in my closet and came across some scary pieces of outdated clothing.  My first thought .... maybe I'll wear this sweater someday, I stopped myself right there because this the start of getting stuck in your generation and wearing outdated clothing.  I immediately asked myself if would go out and buy this piece of clothing right now in this moment, my answer was obvious 'NO' which meant I had to throw all these old pieces in a bag and drop them off at my local used clothing depot. 

Ok, you might say getting rid of my old clothes won't keep me up with the times for style but it's a step in the right direction and it sure will help to make sure you don't go back in time with your fashion.  

Now that your old clothes are gone; how do I stay stylish as I grow older,  here are some tips to growing old and staying stylish:

Pick up a style Magazine

Pick up a Magazine or two; magazines like Esquire, Men’s Health, GQ always go out of their way to keep their reader informed on what’s hot and what’s not in fashion.  These magazines are great resources to find out men’s fashion, style news, trends and menswear designers.  You don’t have to read these magazines every month but pick up let’s say one a year, this will keep you sharp enough with your style and honestly, they're good bathroom reading materials.


watch shows like the Oscars and Billboard awards, take a look around and observe. Fashion-forward movie and rock stars help set the trends, keep an eye on the clothing, the accessories these famous people are wearing. You don't have to go as extreme as their wardrobe but just head in that direction

Social Media
Check out what's going on your social network.  For instance, you can check your Instagram and find influencers in fashion with a high following and lots of engagement. These influencers are up to speed on fashion trends and know what's going on.
Hair Stylist/Barber
Talk to your hair stylist or if you don't have a hair stylist then talk to your barber.   They know what's trending for hair and grooming. Keep your hair and grooming on trend with the times and get rid of that 80's rocker hair.
Travelling to new countries ,you can often find new style trends for clothing and accessories by immersing in a new culture and different locations. As an outsider, you can really notice what's in fashion for these cultures.
Go for a walk or a run
Maybe you can't afford to go an exotic vacation to some foreign country but you can go for a walk or run around you City.  You would be surprised what you can learn from people watching around your own City.  Most cities have a trendy fashion area, go for walk/run in and be attentive what people are wearing.  You can easily spot trends and introduce some of these trends into your wardrobe.
These are some tips to keep your clothes from becoming stale and keep you on trend with fashion.  


  • Post author
    Terry Arsenault
  • dapperfashionmen's style

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