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  • Free University? Hell Yeah!
  • Terry Arsenault

Free University? Hell Yeah!

Free University? Hell Yeah!



Nobody has any free time these days, they’re either too busy on Facebook, twitter, or catching up on the latest gossip on TMZ. I’m too busy, I can’t learn a new skill, If there were only more hours in the run of day! What are you busy doing? If you want something, you have to want it bad enough that you’re willing to sacrifice the time to learn that new skill. Delayed gratification, giving up some time to learn a new skill and become a better person long term. Keeping on task and focused on learning that new skill can be difficult with so many distractions but this article will help you find time and places to learn that new skill with ease.

Jobbing University

Next time you're at work and working on a boring monotonous task throw on podcast or jump on YouTube, find the subject or skillset you're trying to learn and let it run in the background while you work on your task.

Driving University

Turn your car into a classroom!  Driving to work, driving home to work, you spend lots of time in your car that can be put to good use.  Download an audiobook, listening a podcast related to a subject that will move you forward.   Traffic jams, or accidents on the road can turn into pleasure if you're learning and improving your life.

Toilet University

Everybody goes, sometimes once, twice or three times a day.  Make it a point to always have a piece of reading material while you're on the throne.  You would be surprised what you can learn instead of staring into outer space.  I've polished off multiple full books over the course of a year.  Most people go in the morning; it’s a great way to get your brain fired up for the day by reading a few pages while you take care of business.

Gym University

Take a magazine, bring your Ipad and when you're on the bike or treadmill, learn, learn, learn.  Instead of listening to music, listen to an audiobook or podcast.  Over the course of an hour workout you can cover a lot of material. You can kill two birds with one stone; an interesting book can help make your workouts fly by.

TV-Time University

Don't watch mind-numbing TV shows to escape life, turn your tube into a university by tuning into biographies, shows that can teach you a new skill.  It's now easy to launch YouTube on your TV and search for an educational show and booya... university at home!

Waiting University                                                                 

We all spend a lot of time waiting, airports, transit, in the line at the bank, waiting unfortunately seems to happen everyday, turn your waiting time into class time by bringing something to read or something educational to listen to.  

I hope this provides enough ideas to find time to learn and help you cure your 'excusitis' on why you're not moving ahead in your life.


  • Terry Arsenault

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