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  • How to Fold a Pocket Square
  • Post author
    Terry Arsenault

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Many men are clueless when it comes to fashion. They settle for their ratty old jeans, khakis and a tattered dress shirt or tee. But there are those who know the value of a well-put together outfit. They know how to mix and match their closet and how to accessorize so that their look is complete. And it’s these guys who know the value of a pocket square and how it can instantly boost the look of their outfit.

For those that aren’t familiar with a pocket square, it’s a hemmed square of thin fabric, or handkerchief, that’s used as an accessory in a suit’s pocket. Originally intended for personal hygiene purposes like wiping one’s face or hands or blowing one’s knows, the pocket square can be made from a variety of fabrics, including silk, linen, cotton and more.

The pocket square is a favorite accessory for men stylish men, and it’s become a popular look thanks to a new crop of guys who actually care about their looks and take the time to really hone in on their style. Blame the hipsters or the rise of the modern gentleman, but there’s no denying that the ladies love the addition of a pocket square. Pocket squares are timeless and really provide a certain sense of class and prestige for the man wearing it. They never go out of style and are the perfect way to take a regular suit to new heights and can make a sport jacket look like dressier than usual.

But like a tie, they require some knowledge of how to properly fold them and there are many ways to do so. This knowledge hasn’t exactly been passed down to most men, so here’s two basic styles you’ll want to use when folding a pocket square:

The Presidential Fold or Square Fold


This is the most basic way to fold a pocket square and a great place to start! This particular style is elegant and clean, providing a crisp look for any occasion, especially when you want to understated elegance. First fold the square so that it’s the width of the pocket in your jacket (straight down the middle should work in most cases). Then simply fold it up from the bottom so that it forms a rectangle that’s the same width as your jacket’s pocket. Finally tuck in the folded-up bottom edge into the pocket and make sure it’s snug. Then just adjust as needed so that you can see it across the top of the pocket, and everything should look as if it’s just one solid piece, with no visible overlap of the edges.

The One Point Fold


This style is perfect for work, yet is laid back enough to use with a casual blazer. Once you’re done folding it, you’ll have a symmetrical triangle that points upward from the pocket. Start with the pocket square unfolded and flat then fold it diagonally down the middle. Then bring one corner up so that it meets the opposite one, which will leave you with a wide triangle. Then at the base of the triangle fold the doubled-over corners inward on both sides. You’ll have to fold as far as needed so that the base of the fold is about the width of the pocket, and try to fold each side the same the diagonals are about the same length. By now, the pocket square should look like an envelope, with a rectangular on three sides and the triangular point sticking up at the top. Then just slide it into the pocket and tuck it so that it’s all the way down.

For more information on folding pocket squares reach out to Real Men Real Style blog as they have some great content on men's style and also other creative ways to fold pocket squares.  Mule Ties is a company that sells a variety of mens stylish accessories including ties, bow ties, pocket squares and much more.  Reach out to us at for any questions.








  • Post author
    Terry Arsenault

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