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  • The New 2015 Fall Necktie and Bow Tie Lookbook
  • Terry Arsenault

The New 2015 Fall Necktie and Bow Tie Lookbook

Time sure does fly by! My girlfriend and I started this business about a year and a half ago. It started with an idea.

First: Idea; 'how to make a bow tie'. The idea was ignited by our love for fashion and well, the entrepreneurial spirit in me.  I noticed we haven't really seen such cool bow ties in the city, at least not that we have encountered. So we said we'd make a cool one to start and so we did! Next up: YouTube. We watched videos of how to make bow ties and actually started making them, DIYs it is! Monica eventually took sewing lessons for her own comfort of sewing the bow ties and selling them.  Third step: Buying a sewing machine! This step was exciting, it just felt we we're getting close to our goal, the very start of it anyway, something that's on our list and that we're able to check it off. Who doesn't get excited checking stuff off on your to do list?!:)  Fourth step: Creating social media accounts. In this day and age everybody uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We knew right from the get go that we wanted an online shop, and for us to be able to market and advertise our products , we knew social media will be a huge helping hand to us.

Next thing we know we we're digging(sifting) through fabric in search of fabrics that pop, "stand out".  We even got to the point of importing fabrics into Canada that we thought would be ideal for bow ties and neck ties.  The business started out with us handcrafting necktie with our style of fabrics that are wee bit out of the ordinary, and when I say handcrafting Monica was cutting and sewing by hand.  We gathered enough traction to make some sales.  That summer (2014) we designed and created a bunch of neckwear for weddings and the business grew but the dilemma of hours came up,  there are only so many hours in the run of a day and if each bow tie/necktie took 2 hours to create we were limited to a certain amount of product we could create. A lot of successful business people say "Do stuff that doesn't scale at first", and this is exactly what we did.  Learning the ropes of how to create  a business that doesn't scale was great but next we had to learn how to create a business that can grow  without eating up every hour in our day.  The only option was to manufacture our own line of neckwear.  We did some searching and found a great partner in Europe who could help us grow our brand by producing some beautiful products in large quantities.  In the summer of this year we decided this is where we needed to head,  therefore we sent a large chunk of money (scary times!)  over to produce our first line of neckwear.

 The fall is here, and our neckwear has finally arrived! A very exciting time for us!  Just in time for the Q4 busy season.  The styles are a bit out of the norm and they do pop out and they are different which is what we wanted. Our plan is to have something unique, something that will make average Joe a cool Joe!  Fall is a great time to step up your fashion, dress up a little more, wear a few more layers, and show off a bit more neckwear.   Stand out and look great with our new colourful and unique selection of neckwear this fall.  We recently released our new line of bow ties and neck ties for 2015 fall and winter season.  Below is our two lookbook videos.



Doesn't it feel good when someone compliments on your outfit?  We all love this feeling because this means you have a good fashion sense and people recognizes that fact. When you wear our tie, it promotes a 'feel good' vibe to the person wearing it, knowing your tie is made of good quality and in-fashion will bring confidence and comfort to you. And that's important.




Men's accessories are great gifts,  you can never have too many ties, bow ties, pocket squares and/or socks!  When it come to matches neckties is always great to have a vast selection of different colours as you never know when one colour might come in handy to match that new suite jacket or new shirt.

The Collection

The new collections is different, it's not something you can easily find in a traditional clothing store.  Our brand is about standing out and being different and the line does exactly that.  Neckties that are artsy and bright.

If you like our new line of bow ties and neck ties, visit our site and get a 15% off your first purchase. Use CODE: LOOKBOOK2015


  • Terry Arsenault

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