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  • 7 Tips To Make A Woman Like You
  • Terry Arsenault

7 Tips To Make A Woman Like You

7 Tips To Make A Woman Like You

Most men do not pay too much attention to what they wear. If you fit this description, you should do something about it. Women are fond of looking at a man as a whole. That includes what you are wearing and how you are wearing it. The little things count, there's a big difference in someone who wears sunglasses which fit and another person who wears sunglasses which constantly slip and slide down their nose.

The right combination can do the magic with women. Dressing like a gentleman will drive any woman crazy. It is not about going old fashion, but about wearing clothes and accessories with style. Here are 7 tricks for men to make a woman fall in love with him. You can use them to improve and conquer any woman you want.

1.Accessories for Men

    Watch Accessories and Neckties - Mule Ties 

     As for accessories for men, the basic is the watch. It must be a good one, with a combination of metals and leather. Anything with rubber on a watch will look cheap, childish and unattractive. A leather band or a cool bracelet will add that plus you are looking for. When you combine it with the right outfit, then it is a killer.

    2. When the Suit is right

       Tailored suit and dressing stylish

      Do not underestimate the appeal of a suit for women. It is a piece of a man’s wardrobe that cannot go inadvertently. When a man wears a suit, he imposes, and his personality rises. However, that just happens if you do it right. Whenever you get a suit, it must be a tailored suit. If you don’t use it often, and it spends long periods inside your closet, check it before you wear it. You might have won or lost weight, and then your suit will not suit you as it did. In such cases, make further adjustments.

      3. The Basic Combination

      The basic essentials - Mens Clothing

       The basic combination never fails, and you can use it for any occasion. White shirt plus blue jeans or shorts. It's a simple and sexy look. You can use practically any style to fall into a casual or very informal occasion. Who doesn't have a white shirt and jeans in their closet,  you don't have to spend a forture to look great.

      4. Your Beard

      Mens Beard,  Beard Oil, Beard Style - Mule Ties 

      If you were blessed by nature with an abundant beard, then use it to your advantage. Women love it. Just remember that it requires maintenance. The beard that is not neat and combed will cause the opposite effect. You must trim it in such a way you show the jaw line that will resemble the wild look a woman loves.

      5. Don't hesitate to Roll Up your Sleeves

      Roll Up Your Sleeves - Mule Ties

      Do not doubt to roll up your sleeves. It is an indicator of strength and a working man that can make a woman fall into your feet instantly. It reflects security and the fact that you are in control. Also, you will have the chance to show you some of the muscles of your forearms. That will add points if you are engaged in working out.

      6. About Socks and Shoes

      Sock Colours and looking stylish - Mule Ties

      Men neglect socks and shoes. However, they are very important. It highlights the personality of a person. The essential for socks is that you must pick them the same color on both feet. Someone wearing two odd socks portrays the image of an unorganized bachelor who hasn’t done a load of laundry in a couple months and the two stray socks were the only socks available. 

      A man who pays attention to wearing stylish socks is on his game, nice socks are attention grabbers and also an easy conversion piece ... "Hey I love your socks!!".  Spend a little time and find yourself some nice socks. The ground rule is that you don’t pick your socks the same tone of your shoes and trousers. You must use them to create contrast. It is ok to select socks with stripes or other figures that match. A general rule of thumb is to use dark shoes with light socks and light shoes with dark socks. Now, about shoes, never forget to polish. They should look good as new so that you can conquer any woman. Then, chose the style right and according to the occasion. You don’t have to fill a whole wardrobe with shoes, but it is ok to have at least four different pairs, excluding your sneakers.


      7. Your Fragrance 

      Fragrance for Men - Men Style - Mule Ties

      The way you smell is important. It is a combination of you, your deodorant and any cologne you might use. Beware of your choice of these products since they must combine your personal scent. If you are not sure, ask a professional for advice. Any shop will gladly assist you. Once you have the perfect combination, then do not go wild with it. For women, it is not pleasant when a man has spread half the bottle of deodorant all over him. It creates an uncomfortable feeling. The best is to be discrete. That way, you will be sending the right message.

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      • Terry Arsenault

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