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  • How to tie a tie | The Pratt Knot
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    Monica Juno

How to tie a tie | The Pratt Knot

How to tie a tie :  The Pratt Knot

Tying a perfect tie is not an easy chore, but at the same time it’s not an impossible one. Take a sigh and say you can do it. Today is your day when you will not end up tying a tangled mesh of cloth that would stubbornly not come out of the miserable knots. Many occasions call for a tie, school functions call for tie, formal dinners call for tie, office and some workplaces call for tie and most importantly do you want to look tie-less on your wedding day too? No? So learn it today!

One of the most common and elegant ways of wearing a tie is a Pratt Knot (also known as Shelby Knot). Mr. Pratt led the trend of tying his necktie in his discrete fashion before anchorman Don Shelby publicized it on local television in 1989. The knot’s popularity shot up spectacularly when articles about the "Shelby Knot" appeared in the New York Times and the New York Daily Telegraph. It is basically a method of tying a tie around one’s neck and collar, it was called unique because of being tied inside out The Pratt knot is nifty, graceful and of a perfect size, almost between the Four-in-Hand Knot and the Half Windsor Knot.

How to tie a Pratt knot:

    1. To begin with, start with the necktie inside out, with the wide end should be on the right, extending about 12 inches below the narrow end on the left.
    2. Only move the wide end.
    3. Next, cross the wide end under the narrow end, bring it up to the center, towards the neck loop
    4. Then Pull the loop down and tighten it.
    5. (You are almost there) Take the wide end over to the right.
    6. Neatly pull the wide end up, behind the loop.
    7. And lastly, bring the wide end through the knot and tighten lightly.
    8. Adjust it according to your neck size.
    Comparison with other ways of tying a tie:

    The Pratt knot is composed of a variation of both: the Windsor knot and the lesser known Nicky knot. It begins with the tie seams facing outward and yields a proportionate and a crisp triangular knot. It uses less of the tie fabric than the full Windsor, yet produces a knot that can easily be mistaken for it.

    Because of the resemblances to the Windsor, the Pratt knot can be worn in nearly any type of semi-formal to formal affair. Business, Official trips, weddings, this knot is a home to each and every one men. Since the Pratt knot has a medium sized knot, it works fairly well for men with moderately sized faces. For some men, the Windsor would dwarf their faces; however the Pratt knot accolades and compliments their face and body.


    Due to the Pratt knots suitable size, it fits well with button down and spread collars. The knot doesn’t direct these collar types as the Windsor would. In conclusion the Pratt Knot is a pleasant, classic necktie knot that would be wise for the stylish man to tryout and include it in their routine.

    Hence, learning to how to tie a Pratt knot is in your hands. All you need is a bit of practice. Best of luck then!


    • Post author
      Monica Juno

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