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  • Necktie Care - All You Need To Know About How to Clean a Tie
  • Terry Arsenault

Necktie Care - All You Need To Know About How to Clean a Tie

Necktie Care  - All You Need To Know About How to Clean a Tie

How to Clean a Tie

It goes without saying a necktie is an ultimate accessory in any man’s wardrobe. It can turn an otherwise casual shirt and pants outfit into a highly professional look. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that a dirty tie will achieve this- keeping your ties spic and span is a must! Here’s how to do it!


Looking after your ties is an ongoing job. This means not roughly ripping them off the moment you arrive home and leaving them in a knot as this could affect the shape. Instead, gently remove your tie and store it on a hangar (or, even better, a special tie hangar) in your closet to prevent wrinkles.


The good news is that you don’t need to clean your tie after every use. However, if it gets dirty, obviously it does need a clean. Here’s the tricky part- it needs to be specially washed according to the fabric. As a general rule of thumb, ties should either be hand washed in cold or tepid water or dry-cleaned.  The following is a handy guide on how to have your ties washed according to fabric.


Linen: these ties should be gently hand washed in tepid water.

Silk: silk ties must be dry cleaned only and hand pressed to maintain the delicate fabric.

Cotton: Similar to linen ties, hand wash your cotton ties in tepid water.

Wool: only dry clean your wool ties when absolutely necessary.

Knit: these ties should be hand washed only and in cold water only.

Polyester: polyester ties must be hand washed in tepid water.

Seersucker: these ties should be hand washed in cold water only.

Microfiber: microfiber ties must be gently hand washed in warm water.

Real of faux leather: never, ever fully submerge either a real of faux leather tie in water. Instead wipe it down with a baby wipe to remove the dirt.


So, what do you do if get a stain on your tie, you may ask? Well, the best thing to do is to act quickly (albeit gently). Immediately blotting, but never rubbing, the stain with a clean and soft cloth is your best bet.


For water soluble stains, dab a little club soda, Selzer water or tonic water onto the tie a blot gently. This should remove all, if not most of the stain. Oil based stains do well with a light sprinkling of cornstarch or talcum powder to lift the stain from the fabric. Leave the powder on the fabric for a good couple of hours and then gently brush it off and clean lightly with a cloth. If you were unable to remove the stain completely, you may need to repeat the process a few extra times. If you are still unsuccessful, don’t worry, all is not lost! Take the tie to your dry cleaners as they will be able to remove the stain professionally.


Storing your ties properly is essential in preventing wrinkles and stretching. Folding your ties is a big no-no and, while there is nothing wrong with rolling them per se, it is far better to drape them over a hanger to maintain their shape.


When traveling, also ensure that you never fold your ties. Instead either roll them or invest in a special tie storage case that will ensure that your ties arrive wrinkle and crease free at your destination!

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  • Terry Arsenault

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