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  • Tips for Caring for your Leather Shoes

Tips for Caring for your Leather Shoes

Tips for Caring for your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes, ahh that fresh smell of new leather ... what a wonderful aroma. There’s something to be said about opening up a box and putting on a new pair of leather shoes,  the instant shutter of images reflecting confidence, success, getting that new job, closing that deal, making that presentation. Leather is a luxury item and with luxury items comes luxury prices, therefore you don’t want to be buying a new pair of leather shoes every 3 months as you’ll end up in the poor house. Caring for these leather shoes is not just making it look good but also to save you money by making it last longer and preserving the life expectancy of your shoes. 

You may want to ask what is the proper way of caring your leather shoes besides what you’re constantly doing today? Yes, there are a lot of proper ways and here are some added tips for you to do in making your leather shoes last a little longer.

  1. Get to know your shoes.

Recognize the leather type and other materials used to create your shoes. Once you get to know the materials used, you will know what to avoid when taking care of your shoes. Each different material that comes along with your leather shoes might need a different way of caring so you really need to recognize these other materials.

  1. Constantly clean your shoes.

Cleaning is a very important factor for leather to last. For your leather shoes, use a leather cleaner that is purposely made for smooth leathers or just a saddle soap to remove dirt in your shoes. Some cleaners may have an applicator top for cleaning, but if not, you can use a soft shoe brush to remove dirt from the surface of your shoe. Be aware of noticeable scuffs or marks. Once you are done cleaning, leave it and let it dry for about 20 minutes before continuing to next step of caring for your shoes.

  1. Condition your shoes as often as it needs.

There are certain types of leather shoes needs to be conditioned more often, specifically those worn in warmer areas. Be reminded that conditioning is different from polishing. The conditioner for your shoes is similar to moisturizing your face. Seasonal weather eventually dries out everything over time. Some cleaning products will clean and condition your shoes, but it’s also better to condition your shoes to get the full treatment.  Rub small amounts of conditioner to your shoe (make sure you put it over your entire shoes). Wait for a couple of minutes to let the shoe absorb. Then, wipe it out since the leather will only absorb what it can absorb. Shoe conditioner adds moisture to the leather, keeps it from creasing or cracking. Unlike polish products, you don't need to buy it to match shoe color.

  1. Polish your shoes.

In choosing for polishing products, again make sure you get to know your shoes and identify what hue matches it. It comes in cream of wax form. It adds a final finish to your leather shoes. Apply light layer of polish cream (or wax) all over shoes, let it dry, then, wipe off access with a clean cloth, then buff out with rag. Then, voilà! Your shoes are as shiny like a dime. Just be careful in using these polish products though. Make use to wear gloves when doing so and keep it out of reach of children. Polish products can be harmful, make sure you wear a ventilation mask when polishing.

  1. Waterproof your leather shoes.

It is important and recommended to make your leather shoes waterproof since it prevents your shoes from certain external damage and also keeps your feet dry. Essentially, a spray-on water repellent is used to safeguard your shoes from harmful elements. Use a warm sponge to prepare your shoes and allow better absorption of the product. Then, add the water repellent on your shoes. This will give your shoes around six months of waterproof protection.

  1. Store your shoes in a safe place.

It is very important to keep your shoes safe from any harmful elements so you need to find a safe place for storage. Shoes remain in their best condition when they’re not exposed to lots of sunlight or hot or cold temperatures. Use shoe trees to keep them in tip-top condition. Stuff it with butter paper then string it up on the tree immediately. These shoe trees is very helpful as it keeps your shoes from smelling fresh and repels moths and other bugs.


Your leather shoes are a worthwhile investment so you need to take care of them. Yes, the price could be higher for these kinds of shoes but it also gives you a lot of benefits such as its durability, water resistance, comfort and very easy to clean. And if you give much effort in caring for your leather shoes, you will enjoy the extra comfort and protection that it gives for a long time.




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