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  • Dress Like a Relevant Man ... Not a Young Kid
  • Monica Juno

Dress Like a Relevant Man ... Not a Young Kid

Dress like a Relevant Man - How to dress like a manSo, you’ve reached the prime of your life. Congratulations! You worked a long time to climb  through those formative years. It was fun to be a twenty-six year old with a little pay check in your pocket. Life was moving fast, and you had your thumb on the pulse of the world. What’s that you say? You’re glad that’s over?

As fun as it was to be a “young adult,” it’s even more fun once you’ve aged into a time in your life when you have a little more cash in your pocket. And, it’s time to embrace that transition. So, follow along with The Relevant Man, and we’ll enjoy this time together.

What are you wearing?

Let’s start off with your clothes. Have you allowed your wardrobe to become a collection of dad jeans, t-shirts from the beach, ball caps, or stodgy business wear?

You’re not a “kid” anymore. So, a lot of the clothes in the latest mens fashion magazines are going to look ridiculous on you. Leave young men’s fashion to the kids. Don’t be “that guy” who looks like he’s trying too hard, and hanging on to the last scraps of his youth. This is your time to exude fashion confidence.

Get out of the throw-away style mall clothes.

Find brands that fit your lifestyle, and your body shape. Even if you’re in great physical condition, chances are that you don’t have the same body shape as you did ten or twenty years ago. So, it’s time to strike out and find some new brands that will compliment your lifestyle and your body shape. Any of the fine menswear stores can help you to compare a few brands.

Compliments will change your life.

Girls are raised to expect that they will spend time and energy on fashion. They actually expect that they will be complimented on a new outfit. Guys aren’t wired that way. We weren’t brought up with an expectation that we will receive compliments on our attire. But, the first time that a total stranger comments on your new suit, or glasses, or shoes ...IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Seriously, I am not being overly dramatic. Receiving positive public reinforcement about the way that you’re dressed will feel like a shot of endorphins.

Update your tech game.

OK, your smart phone isn’t technically a part of your wardrobe. But, it DOES have an impact on your personal brand and the perception of you by others. Not saying that you need to be the guy with his smart phone glued to he is ear, or the one who speaks at volume 11 while he’s on his hands-free. But, whipping out your old style flip phone and hitting every key three times in order to send a text, will — at the same time — send a message to the world that says “This guy is old!” If you want to be perceived as “relevant,” then displaying this decade’s technology is an important element.

Experiment with new colors and accents.

Trust your clothier to help you to push the boundaries. Maybe a pocket square is that one step for you. Maybe a bright colored shirt is your first “baby step.” The trick is to work with a trusted resource who will guide you, tastefully toward clothes that make a statement that screams “Fashion Confidence.”

About the Author

 fashion blogger

Scott Barthelmes launched as the voice for men who are no longer considered “young adults” and sure as hell aren’t yet senior citizens. You can check out his blog entries, follow on Twitter or FaceBook. And, you can keep an eye on The Relevant Man Pinterest boards for everything from men’s style and grooming to cocktails and “toys.”

  • Monica Juno

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