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  • How to Put Together Clothes Combos That Exude Effortless Style Sense
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    Monica Juno

How to Put Together Clothes Combos That Exude Effortless Style Sense

How to Put Together Clothes Combos That Exude Effortless Style Sense

Are you ready to feel better about yourself and more confident in your clothing selections?

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Does picking out an outfit stress you out? Do you find yourself constantly asking for help with your selections? Do you repeatedly rely on the same outfits, or variations there-of? Is your fashion sense growing stale, or … maybe you never had a fashion sense to begin with? Chin up pal. The Relevant Man has the help that you’re looking for!

Wouldn’t it be great to be viewed as a “well dressed man?” Wouldn’t you feel better about yourself if you felt confident enough to carry-off a look of effortless elegance “all-by- yourself?” Wouldn’t it be better to be seen as the arbiter of wise fashion selections rather than as the old man who is still trying to hang-on to a look that’s meant for a kid? The way you dress can have real life impacts on your professional life, your social life and your

The way you dress can have real life impacts on your professional life, your social life and your romantic aura. Mismatched outfits, bad color combinations and ill-fitted clothing lead people to form snap decisions about your intelligence, and your personality. You could be viewed as out-of-touch with technology solely based on your outdated clothing which could hinder your professional career. Or, you could be judged as dim-witted in social settings based on a few poorly chosen fashion mis-steps. We’ve all heard it before: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” So, what’s a guy to do?

The Relevant Man has put together resources that are specific to men who are no longer
considered “young adults.” We’ve got easy steps to follow. And, nobody will ridicule you along the way. So, let’s get started with some fashion basics.

See what’s out there.
It’s a lot easier to know what looks good if you just follow the experts. Take a look at the mall mannequins. Sign up for some men’s clothing catalogs online. Check out The Relevant Man Pinterest pages. And, see what appeals to you. Be sure to ask yourself if what you’re seeing fits the persona of a man your age! We are looking for outfits that scream effortless elegance, NOT “Where’s the keg dude?”

2. Think about where you’re going, and what you’ll be doing.
Make sure that you know in advance — the dress expectation for the event, or the business environment. The idea is to assimilate. HOWEVER, it is always preferable to be overdressed than to be underdressed. As a mature man, we set the standard. We don’t try to emulate a twenty year old. We dress with a modicum of taste. If the dress is casual — we will strive be the best casually dressed man in the room. But, we will dress in a manner that complements our experience level. (We don’t dress like kids!)

3. Make sure it FITS
Proper fit is one of the most important and also the most often disregarded aspects of men’s fashion. Hopefully, you can tell when something is too tight. So, use your head and don’t push that boundary. It’s a little tougher to tell when clothes are too big. If you’ve recently lost some weight or transformed your body’s shape (which is totally feasible if you’re following The Relevant Man Health and Fitness blogs BTW, you should try on your clothes to make sure that they aren’t hanging on you like old curtains.

No matter what your body size or shape, you will look better in clothes that fit properly.

Shirts should skim the body without any bagging or tightness. Shirt sleeves should end at the wrist, and the beginning of your hand. Pants should not bunch-up or sag. The pant hem should be altered to suit your personal taste … which should never include dragging on the floor behind you. And, no ass crack! I don’t care who you are!

In case you’ve never been told … shoes matter! Most women will take immediate notice of your shoes. And, ill-kept shoes will lead to immediate negative contains from anybody who notices them. Make sure that your shoes match your belt. No black shoes with brown belts guys. You can check out some shoe ideas at The Relevant Man’s Shoes and Boots Pinterest Board.

5. COLOR combinations … UGH!
Colors may seem like your biggest dilemma, but you might be overthinking it. An easy-out is to take your lead from the experts (see suggestion #1 above). Look for colors that you like. Fashion really has so much to do with what you’ll feel comfortable in, and what makes you feel confident. If you’re not going to feel like a million bucks in a pink blazer, then steer clear!

Quick tip: Unless you’re Johnny Cash (and you are not!) avoid the all-black head-to- toe outfit.

Have a little imagination.

Picking out your own color combinations really just comes down to some color basics.

6. What’s your BODY TYPE?
Look, we are not all the same shape and size … agreed? And, not every fashion looks good on every body type.

A guy who is THIN from top to bottom can get away with many of the tight fitted fashions that we see in magazines. They can wear heavier fabrics that will bulk them up a little. And, they can accessorize in order to add dimension.

A man with an ATHLETIC BUILD is going to have a tough time finding an off-the- rack suit that’ll fit. Tailor-made suits are usually this guy’s best option in order to accommodate his slender waist, and broad upper body.

A STOCKY build might dictate (contrary to common logic) that this man should wear their jackets and pants a little on the loose side. A light taper in the jacket will help avoid a square shape appearance. This will provide a clean line on the sides.

Again … no matter what body type you have … you will look better in well selected and wellfitted clothing. Unfortunately, the models, and mannequins selected to display mens clothing rarely convey much in the way of the array of body types or clothes that are always appropriate for The Relevant Man. That’s where a personalized consultation can really pay off. And guess what? The Relevant Man can help with that too!

The Relevant Man seeks to display effortless elegance,and he invests in creating that mystique.

The larger we can build our community, the more effective The Relevant Man will be for all of us. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked-in. And, encourage anybody and everybody to visit our website at for helpful articles and information to keep you up-to- date. 

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Scott Barthelmes launched as the voice for men who are no longer considered “young adults” and sure as hell aren’t yet senior citizens. You can check out his blog entries, follow on Twitter or FaceBook. And, you can keep an eye on The Relevant Man Pinterest boards for everything from men’s style and grooming to cocktails and “toys.”

  • Post author
    Monica Juno

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