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  • How to Tie a Tie | 8 Simple Steps for Nicky Knot
  • Monica Juno

How to Tie a Tie | 8 Simple Steps for Nicky Knot

It’s human tendency to always look for something which looks attractive and means something not only for him/her but something that also looks charismatic and elegant to others. Tie is one of the most important professional items in a men’s suit that make him attractive or unattractive for others in a second. Men usually try different types of popular knots but sometimes they don’t get the right result. So that’s the time when you have to try something exceptional to catch attention at your workplace. Although Nicky knot is usually considered an underrated tie knot yet its versatile, thicker and symmetrical knot can steal the day for you.

History of “Nicky” knot is thought to be from Nikita Kruschev, when he went to Milan and tried out the “inside-out” knots, which eventually become popular and now are used across the world. Here are 8 simple steps to get a “Nicky” knot for your tie:

How to tie a tie -Nicky Necktie Knot - Mule Ties

Step 1

You need to wrap your tie around your collar and its seam should be in outward position. Make the thick end and narrow end of your tie on your left and right side respectively.

Nicky knot is supposed to be associated with thick end. Therefore, you need to start knotting the tie about two inches lower than where you want the knot to be finished afterwards.

Step 2

Now you need to make the thick end like an X-shape and making it to the right of the thin end.

Step 3

As it is now at the right of the thin end, you need to flip the thick end by making a loop around your collar in order to tuck it appropriate and make it come out from the left of the thin end.

Step 4

Take the thick end top and bring it in a horizontal manner across the knot and top with the thick end and it should seam inward while tipping. Bring your index finger under that horizontal band where you just made a knot. Remember you will be doing that a couple of times.

Step 5

Again take the thick end and bring it up and lower the loop which is present around your collar and its tip should point outward at the end.

Step 6

Now you need to tuck the thick end downward through the loop which you just made in step 4 and its tip should be pointing downward and seaming inward properly.

Step 7

It’s time to pull the thick end from the horizontal loop you created in step 4 and badge the thick end in the right place. Now you have created an almost finalized knot and its narrow end is hidden under the thick end.

Step 8

Now you just need to adjust your tie knot accordingly.

These steps might look messy a little bit. However, when you have followed it once or twice, it will eventually become easier for you and you can steal the day at your workplace easily.

  • Monica Juno

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