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7 New Year’s Resolution That Can Make Your 2016 Awesome!

7 New Year’s Resolution That Can Make Your 2016 Awesome!

Another year has ended and a new one just begun! Wow, that is crazy! Let's leave all the negative stuff that has happened in 2015 and just take all the good ones and boost it up this year - take it to the next level or just start fresh! There are 365 days in a year, that's a lot of days but like the wind, it passes by quick. Let's make this year our year! Here are some tips that can help make your 2016 awesome:)

Diet: We all at one point made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat healthy. Some are successful at this but some will lose motivation after a month or even less, some may never even start it at all. How about this year let’s try not to overdo it, eat everything you want but in moderation and have your desserts only twice a week. Stay away from deep fried foods. Eat more fresh food and veggies and more fruits if you can. Have your carbs, but again in moderation. Controlling the portion you eat is the key, don't keep stuffing your mouth only when you’re full to your stomach you can’t even breathe! Know when to stop.

Goals 2016 Eat healthier Eat Better Healthy 2016

Sleeping Habits: Getting enough sleep is crucial. It’s hard to function and focus during the day when we lack sleep. Another study by John Hopkins researchers shows that there's a distinction between rest that is long yet intruded and rest that is short but undisturbed.  As you may figure, it's better for the brain to rest for a shorter number of continuous hours than a long but disrupted sleep. Checking your phone constantly all throughout the night does have a huge impact on your sleep. This is a no brainer! Turn off your phone or set it on silent. Don’t be bothered by it just because you received a new message. If you know it can wait, deal with it in the morning. Have a bath or a shower before bed time or read until you fall asleep or have some tea that promotes sleep. Avoid food intake just before bed time. Plan your agenda for tomorrow whether in your head or write it in a piece of paper or set a reminder on your phone. Once you’ve done your to-do list for the following day, this will give you a chance to clear your head. Clear head = better sleep. These are a few tips that can help you relax at night and get your body ready for a good night’s rest.

Reconnect: We’re all so busy these days that sometimes we forget to reconnect with our friends most especially our families. Having all sorts of social media available to us makes it easy and not easy to really connect with them. When we see their latest pictures and statuses on social media, it’s usually enough for us to know what they’ve been up to lately. Let’s not forget our valuable friends. Once in awhile reach out to them just to say hi and see how they’ve been doing. You don’t want to be that friend  you only hear from when they need something. Be mindful of family members, calling mom and/or dad at least once a week makes a big difference especially to them. When we were young our parents worry about us and now that we’re older they still worry about us. Parents always love to hear from their kids. Take a few minutes out of your busy week to let them know you are thinking of them as well.

Money Matters: We all have done impulsive purchases in our lives whether it’s a small buy  or a big buy, this can be a problem . You can try to avoid this by thinking about it first by putting on hold the buying process. Think - is this a necessity or is it something you really need? And if it is a treat to yourself, what have you done lately to deserve it?  A good test I like to do is giving it a few days or even weeks. After so many days and you still want the item and you know that you will put it to a good use, then go for it. Often times I find when the ‘thinking days’ have passed I hardly think of that particular product I’ve been dying to buy last week! Often I realize I don't really need it. Try this test. Think about it first, and you may just save yourself a few bucks or more.

Good Vibes Only:  Don’t be a Debbie downer or negative Nancy.  Be as positive as you can living your day to day life. You may not notice this at first, but the more you hang out with haters, full of excuses, lazy, people who blame others for their shortcomings and the ones who refuse to learn new things - beware, these people are very contagious people! Slowly but surely you will become them! Yikesss! If you know you need a change in your life, look at the people around you.  One of the most important and strongest influence to you are the people you surround yourself with.  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Stick with the ones you want to become or know can learn from them and vice versa.

Wardrobe:  Do you find that what you wear affects your mood and confidence? This is true for most people. This makes perfect sense. If you decide to get out of the house or meet up with some friends and for some insane reason you chose to wear that pair of jeans that you know you aren’t really comfortable wearing, maybe it’s too tight, or maybe the hem somehow looks funny and you don’t even know why you bought it in the first place, this will affect your mood in a bad way all throughout the time you’re wearing this piece of $#it. Tip: Don’t wear anything you don’t like! This may be common sense to you but you’d be surprised how many people out there makes this mistake everyday.

Goals: Set goals. To set a goal gives you inspiration and motivation to be better and to achieve something you care about. It doesn’t matter what it is whether it’s making money or making friends or doing better at school, losing weight, exercise more or saving money. Setting a goal gives you a reason to work on something. Don’t just wake up every morning and just let your day decide what your day is going to be like, instead plan how you can be a step closer to your goal(s). 


Accept The Hardships To Come: Have a mantra to live by. What is a mantra: A mantra is a motto, a word or a phrase, statement or slogan repeated frequently. Have a mantra set in your mind however you want to live your life. One mantra I always have in my head is that ‘to have something you really want without suffering, difficulty or any sort of challenge means it’s not anything special’. To have something and to reach a destination you’ve been wanting to and worked hard for it is a different feeling. It’s an achievement you can be proud of. An example of this is when you hear couples who have been together for a long time and they say “We have been married for 30 years!” Why do you think they say it so proudly? Because marriage is hard work yet they manage and make things work. It is something to be proud of. Whether it’s marriage, business, kids, personal development and growth, etc - If we want something really badly in our lives we have to accept the hardships that comes with it. Embrace the hardships and adversaries in your life - live it and learn from it and it will embrace you back.


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