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How Bow Ties Have Become the Most Charming Part of Kids Fashion

Today’s kids are no longer just limited to the usual pants or shorts and shirt when going out. You can dress up your kids any way you want or according to what they want. Draw inspiration from magazines with kids fashion or even for grown up fashion and your little boy would surely look too charming to resist!

 If you think bow ties are a thing of yesterday, then you’ve got it wrong. Most definitely, bow ties are cool, and any man—little or grown—can rock bow ties with the right set of outfit! Make your child be the cutest kid in town with a cute little outfit and a bow tie and let him be the best when it comes to kids fashion.

 It must be the celebrities and how Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors have given bow ties a great comeback. From being old school, people would now say bow ties are cool. Shop in the cool kids fashion department and one day, your child will look back to his photos and would love you for allowing him to wear the most stylish clothes!

 Many have said bow ties are cool since 2010 and 5 years after, it’s still cool. It’s not like when skinny jeans were nice, and cargo shorts were in. This has been a long-running fashion staple, and the return of bow ties seems to be here to stay. If you’re looking for bow ties for kids fashion that would best match your child’s personality and his other outfits, check out the bow tie collection of Mule Ties. Mule Ties is a Calgary, AB-based company which offers some of Canada’s most stylish bow ties, ties, pocket squares, scarves, other clothing items, jewelry and a whole lot more for men and kids alike.

 Mule Ties has a wide range of designs for bow ties in their kids fashion section. You can select a few or collect them all, so your little boy has a bow tie to wear for every occasion. Each bow tie is made with 100% cotton to make sure that it’s soft to wear and these ready to wear bow ties have an adjustable strap for comfortable fit. In addition, each bow tie comes with a pouch for easy storage!

 Most definitely, bow ties are cool, and you should get a few for your child. You no longer have to settle with the boring clothes that are usually found in kids fashion as your son can look dashing and charming with a little bow tie. You can choose from classic designs from Mule Ties such as Mr. Adorable, Mr. Cutie, Mr. Handsome, Mr. Giggly, Mr. Valentine and Mr. Cool. You can also check out other kiddie designs such as Lego, Lady Bug, Coloring Pencil or Balloons. Whether you’re heading to a special occasion such as a wedding or a formal event with your child or you’re looking for a nice accent to your child’s daily wear to school or even to the park or mall, these bow ties are the perfect choice!

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The Easiest Way How To Tie A Bow Tie

It’s time to up your game from a clip-on bow tie to an actual grown man’s bow tie and that’s going to take some practice. Not many men know how to even tie a regular tie, let alone a bow tie, but with some practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if you haven’t added bow ties to your closet, it’s time you get a few because it’s become the go-to accessory in men’s fashion!

To start, place the bow tie of your choice (here’s a great selection over your neck so that each end is hanging down on either side. Know that one end of the bow tie should be longer than the other side by a few inches (if you’re right handed, it should be longer on your right side and on the left side if you’re left handed).

Cross the longer end of the bow tie over the other side so that it forms an “X” on your chest. Then bring the longer end right underneath the shorter end and bring it out from the center up to your face (it’s sort of like tying a shoe lace at this point). With the longer end up on your face, it’s time to fold the shorter end that’s still hanging down horizontally into a bow shape.

Now place the longer end over the shorter end so that it starts to shape the middle of the bow before folding that same long end horizontally. Finally insert that longer end through the loop you’ve created at the back of the shorter end and pull both ends together gently to tighten the knot that you’ve just created. And volia – you’ve tied you’re first bow tie!

But don’t be discouraged if your first bow tie comes out lopsided or imperfect because it’ll take some practice to get it just right. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice tying a bow tie in the mirror and you’ll get the hang of it. Then the hard part will be trying to decide on what bow tie to accessorize your outfit with (like these Rome, Maestro or Gneiss options)!



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