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Let Your Neckwear Make A Statement At Your Next Wedding Event

Going to weddings and other special events makes a person want to put their best fashion foot forward and really show their sense of style. Elegant bowties and neckties are often worn as main accessories at these more formal events and can make a big difference in one’s appearance. Making smart choices with your ties can give you a unique look that turns heads and compliments the rest of your clothing to near perfection.

 As people around the world are becoming more aware of their own fashion sense, they are find new and creative ways to display their personality through their clothing. This means that a good variety of ties should be available to you so that you can find one that matches your tastes. A different season often means different styles and colors come into play and weddings can happen any time of year. 

When a special event calls for a specific color pattern or design to be worn by the attendee, this could limit your options somewhat and you may have to be extra creative to stand out. There are however many great bowties and neckties that come in every color that you want and many with mixed color schemes that really make an impression. Having a good variety of ties with different designs in your closet will help you stay ready when an event comes up in short notice.

 The old days of formalwear has often involved ties that are less than exciting and a lot of uniformity. Designers and retailers today are making more efforts to create formal attire that is exciting and a little more fashionable. Comfort and attractiveness are becoming more important to those who want a quality tie to wear to formal occasions and more great options are available for purchase. A beautiful tie can really help bring life to clothing that may be otherwise ordinary looking and makes its own statement.

 Making a good first impression can mean a lot and wedding days often lead to first time meetings and your look can say a lot about you. The right tie can help speak for you and demonstrate your ability to dress properly. There are few clothing items or accessories that represent sophistication more than a good bowtie or necktie and you deserve a good selection of them that work for you.

 Weddings are times of lasting memories and the sort of occasions that you want to look your very best. If you need a great tie in the City of Calgary,  or throughout Canada, or the U.S., feel free to browse and shop at for a variety of great neckties, bowties, and other items that can make your wedding look that much more chic.

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Fashion Talk - It's All About Balance

ZZ Top sure hit the nail on its head when they sang “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”. While style has always been subjective (and should be!), you can’t argue that making a little bit of an effort with your look certainly leaves an impression. And sometimes ‘old school’ can be very ‘right now’!

Take neck-ties for example – These slender lengths of fabric, when worn right, can take your look from “Meh” to “My, My” in a jiffy! And while the dapper gents of yesteryear had but a few options in this department, today’s gentlemen can choose from neck-ties in a plethora of fabrics and textures – silk, seersucker, flannel, wool, straight cotton and Madras checks, to name only a few.

Welcome to Mule Ties! Here, we love to celebrate all that’s dapper and trendy in the world of men’s fashion accessories. Based in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, the Mule Ties team works tirelessly to curate a fabulous collection of men’s fashion accessories for the discerning gentleman. After all, why should women have all the fun?

It isn’t just neck-ties that can transform your look. A classy bow-tie can add brilliant dimension, lending your ensemble a flavour that’s equal parts vintage and hipster. Add to that the variety of fabrics and textures they are available in today, and you’ve got yourself a fun way to infuse individualistic style into an otherwise mundane ensemble. Not too comfortable with tying a bow-tie yourself? A good clip-on can look just as stylish. Either way, a bow-tie is a lot more versatile than you might think. Don’t just reserve them for tuxedos; a smart buttondown shirt and well-tailored pants can be turned into something extraordinary. Add a pair of suspenders, and you might have to deal with a few weak-kneed ladies!

Feeling a little more adventurous? A lovely floral lapel will give your outfit a touch of romanticism for a special occasion, perfect for weddings or special dates. And no, there’s nothing girly about adding a floral element to your look. Quite the contrary, the contrast can actually make you look a little more rugged than usual! Pick from classic solid colours, subtle textures, or quirky prints, to make the trend your own.

So visit us at today. Or call us directly 1-800-425-2807, and our team of stylists will help you find that perfect addition to your wardrobe. We may be based in Calgary, Canada, but the accessories we curate are universally stylish!


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The Eco Friendly Wood for Fashion?


We see it everywhere and anywhere we go - houses, buildings, furnitures, when camping, water sports, it's literally everywhere we go!  Who would've thought wood can be used for fashion?!  When my business partner/bf and I started a fashion accessory business online selling ties and bow ties,  he mentioned to me the idea of adding wood watches to our collection.  I was a bit skeptical.  I've just never seen anything like it!  A watch that is made out of wood?!  Well, that's just weird...and different.  I started checking these wood watches on the internet, styles, models, colours, etc.  And to my surprise I've started liking them myself and eventually began to get curious how good they would sell out in the market.

So, it has now been roughly six months since we launched our site and the watches so far have been selling great!  Why do people buy them?!  They are made out of wood, not leather nor gold!  Our customers buy them not because they're looking for a new watch, they buy them because it's wood, it's unique, it's a wood watch!  Not to mention they're eco-friendly and all natural - there is something very appealing when you hear the word 'all-natural', of course you have to be smart not to wear them in the rain:)

So next time you're looking for a unique watch  - consider getting yourself or your special someone a wood watch! It's unique; it's different.  Wood for fashion you ask?  Why not! Grab yours now :)

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Slick Fashion Style for the cold months

Slick Style

If you are searching for a way to make a statement with your wardrobe consider the small things that can make a big difference. The element of the men's tie is one that has stood the test of time and the standard can get boring sometimes. When you're sporting a bow tie you can pretty much go anywhere and feel like you are pulled together and ready for whatever the night brings. For a fail safe way to wear a bow tie these style tips below will keep your look on trend and timeless.


Cowl-Neck Sweater Style

To rock this look pair your favorite jeans or slacks with a cowl-neck sweater over a button up shirt and top off with a bow tie that displays your style. Make sure to stick with solid colors for your base and feel free to shake things up with a pattern style tie.


Suspender Style

For those who are looking for ways to expand their style or if you want to try something new adding a pair of suspenders with a crisp button up shirt, a pair of slacks and a bow tie can easily make for an interesting take on an ordinary style.


for our bow tie style refer to our the article  feel free to reach out to us a info@muleties and check out our website at for our the latest fashion accessories: bow ties , skinny ties, watches,  socks, jewelry and much more.





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