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How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

In just the last few years, knit ties have emerged as a fashion “must have” for any men’s wardrobe. At one time, they were only designed for casual wear but now they are often paired with sport coats, vests and even suits. Here’s what you need to know about buying the perfect knit tie.


Soft vs. crunchy


“Crunchy” is usually not a word that you’d associate with men’s fashion, but it describes one of the two main types of knit ties. The other type is “soft.” Thus, the first choice you will have to make is whether you prefer the soft or crunchy knit tie.


This is both an aesthetic issue as well as a price issue. The crunchy ties are made using a special silk yarn from the Alps and are largely handmade on 100-year-old machines. As you might guess, you’re paying a healthy premium for this artisanal workmanship. Due to their stiffness and overall appearance, they are best paired with more formal outfits, such as a pinstripe business suit.


The soft ties offer a really smooth feel, and work well with casual outfits. These are made much like socks, and are unique because there are no seams in the back. If you’re looking for a casual tie to wear to a social event or for a casual day at the office, the soft knit tie is a great option.


Silk vs. wool


The next choice you’ll have to make is between silk – the traditional material used in knit ties – and other materials, such as wool, cashmere, polyester and blends. Now that knit ties are being worn more informally, the search is on to find new materials that work well for warmer spring and summer months. You could, for example, choose a linen/silk blend or a linen/wool blend. However, if you’re looking for the traditional look – or just want to err on the side of caution with your fashion choices – it’s best to opt for silk.


Wide vs. skinny


When selecting a knit tie, it’s also important to keep in mind how you plan on pairing them with your outfits. As a general rule of thumb, if your suit or sport coat has wide lapels, then you’ll want to choose a wider knit tie. And if your suit or sport coat has skinny lapels, then you’ll want to choose a skinner knit tie.




Now that you’ve narrowed down the knit tie by type, material and width, you can choose the right color. Here, it’s best to go with traditional color palettes. For example, if you’re wearing a navy suit, it’s best to wear a blue or red tie. In general, darker colors – blues, reds, greens – can be paired with a much wider selection of outfits than bright color. Moreover, if you’re planning on wearing your knit ties with suits, it’s best to choose a solid color tie rather than, say, a striped or casual pattern. A solid colored knit tie that’s stiff and crunchy can really make your suit “pop” and help you stand out in any meeting.


By following just a few basic rules – such as choosing silk over other materials and opting for darker solid colors rather than patterns – you can buy a knit tie that will pair well with a variety of outfits and win you compliments for your unique fashion style.



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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Style this Summer

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Style this Summer

Summer is on its way. Change of weather means a change of clothing and style. Some people cope up with this change very well while the others find it bothersome to shift to new things. However, it’s not a difficult job at  all provided that you consider the basics of summer clothing and style. Before you go for your summer shopping, you need to keep a few points in mind. 

Try New Things

                    Try new things. Kollar Clothing. Rugged outfit 2017.

The true sense of style comes when you open your mind to new and unique options. You don’t have to be conventional and follow blindly whatever is in vogue. Making acceptable variations is always in your hand. Make a good use of it. So, you can wear chinos instead of wearing baggy pants or shorts. You can wear your casual dress shirts with shorts if you wish.

There is no such hard and fast rule regarding which thing goes with what. Try to make new combinations. Wear hats, half sleeves shirts, loosely buttoned shirts. All that will help you fight summers while being a fashionista as well. Believe me; people go crazy after what’s different and new!

 Find a Signature Accessory

        Try new accessory. Vitaly Design necklace. Unique necklace available at Mule Ties.

Fashion has always been about finding your signature style statement. So, this is what goes with this summer too. For women, this might be an interesting topic as they have a lot to choose from, jewelry, skirts, hats, dresses that fits the summer months. However, for men, it might get boring and difficult. This is because men tend to think they have a limited stock to select from.  They can wear a handkerchief as a pocketsquare or carry a stylish backpack with them, choose a jewelry that fits your style. Vitaly never fails to create jewelry that speaks loudly about one's character. 

Wear Light Colors

                     Summer Clothing. Light Colored Shirt for Men. Kollar Clothing. Mule Ties

Summers are all about light colors. Remember that light color does not refer to dull ones. It means the cool colors that soothe one’s eyes and do not make it more piercing to look at while the sun is blazing on the top. So you can wear any shade of blue, pink, light yellow, whites, off-white and greys.

Choose the shirts of your choice from the vast range at Mule Ties. Get them delivered to your doorstep just at one click. Get the best-quality shirts for summer this year.


Komono Sunglasses. Unisex Summer Sunnies.

When talking about styling, sunglasses should never be kept off the list. Choose the ones which go best with your face's shape and let the style speak.

Sunglasses have always been the first choice during the summer months, it's a must-have. Not only for style but for protecting our vision from that striking heat of sunlight. Also sunglasses do protect the skin area around the eyes - hello wrinkles! Hey we're all heading in that direction one day but why not slow down the aging of your skin by wearing sunglasses when needed?!   

Don’t Get Overdone!

                What not to wear. Overly done outfit.

Whether it’s summer or winter, the rule remains the same; don’t get overly done. Listen, there's no need for you to wear all that you have all at once. This will make you look bothersome. Unless you're seeking for attention in a bad way then go for it! Simplicity is always perfect. Just go with your style statement and wear what makes you comfortable. Save the layering for the winter season. 


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How to stay stylish as you get older!

How to stay stylish as you get older!


Stylish old man - how to stay stylish as you grow olderTime sure does fly, we've all know people who seem to get stuck in their generation and can't seem to escape, you know the stuck in the 70's, or stuck in the 80's type of look and they just can't escape.  Don't be that guy, keep up with the times, adapt!  

The other day,  I was looking for a shirt in my closet and came across some scary pieces of outdated clothing.  My first thought .... maybe I'll wear this sweater someday, I stopped myself right there because this the start of getting stuck in your generation and wearing outdated clothing.  I immediately asked myself if would go out and buy this piece of clothing right now in this moment, my answer was obvious 'NO' which meant I had to throw all these old pieces in a bag and drop them off at my local used clothing depot. 

Ok, you might say getting rid of my old clothes won't keep me up with the times for style but it's a step in the right direction and it sure will help to make sure you don't go back in time with your fashion.  

Now that your old clothes are gone; how do I stay stylish as I grow older,  here are some tips to growing old and staying stylish:

Pick up a style Magazine

Pick up a Magazine or two; magazines like Esquire, Men’s Health, GQ always go out of their way to keep their reader informed on what’s hot and what’s not in fashion.  These magazines are great resources to find out men’s fashion, style news, trends and menswear designers.  You don’t have to read these magazines every month but pick up let’s say one a year, this will keep you sharp enough with your style and honestly, they're good bathroom reading materials.


watch shows like the Oscars and Billboard awards, take a look around and observe. Fashion-forward movie and rock stars help set the trends, keep an eye on the clothing, the accessories these famous people are wearing. You don't have to go as extreme as their wardrobe but just head in that direction

Social Media
Check out what's going on your social network.  For instance, you can check your Instagram and find influencers in fashion with a high following and lots of engagement. These influencers are up to speed on fashion trends and know what's going on.
Hair Stylist/Barber
Talk to your hair stylist or if you don't have a hair stylist then talk to your barber.   They know what's trending for hair and grooming. Keep your hair and grooming on trend with the times and get rid of that 80's rocker hair.
Travelling to new countries ,you can often find new style trends for clothing and accessories by immersing in a new culture and different locations. As an outsider, you can really notice what's in fashion for these cultures.
Go for a walk or a run
Maybe you can't afford to go an exotic vacation to some foreign country but you can go for a walk or run around you City.  You would be surprised what you can learn from people watching around your own City.  Most cities have a trendy fashion area, go for walk/run in and be attentive what people are wearing.  You can easily spot trends and introduce some of these trends into your wardrobe.
These are some tips to keep your clothes from becoming stale and keep you on trend with fashion.  


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7 New Year’s Resolution That Can Make Your 2016 Awesome!

7 New Year’s Resolution That Can Make Your 2016 Awesome!

Another year has ended and a new one just begun! Wow, that is crazy! Let's leave all the negative stuff that has happened in 2015 and just take all the good ones and boost it up this year - take it to the next level or just start fresh! There are 365 days in a year, that's a lot of days but like the wind, it passes by quick. Let's make this year our year! Here are some tips that can help make your 2016 awesome:)

Diet: We all at one point made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat healthy. Some are successful at this but some will lose motivation after a month or even less, some may never even start it at all. How about this year let’s try not to overdo it, eat everything you want but in moderation and have your desserts only twice a week. Stay away from deep fried foods. Eat more fresh food and veggies and more fruits if you can. Have your carbs, but again in moderation. Controlling the portion you eat is the key, don't keep stuffing your mouth only when you’re full to your stomach you can’t even breathe! Know when to stop.

Goals 2016 Eat healthier Eat Better Healthy 2016

Sleeping Habits: Getting enough sleep is crucial. It’s hard to function and focus during the day when we lack sleep. Another study by John Hopkins researchers shows that there's a distinction between rest that is long yet intruded and rest that is short but undisturbed.  As you may figure, it's better for the brain to rest for a shorter number of continuous hours than a long but disrupted sleep. Checking your phone constantly all throughout the night does have a huge impact on your sleep. This is a no brainer! Turn off your phone or set it on silent. Don’t be bothered by it just because you received a new message. If you know it can wait, deal with it in the morning. Have a bath or a shower before bed time or read until you fall asleep or have some tea that promotes sleep. Avoid food intake just before bed time. Plan your agenda for tomorrow whether in your head or write it in a piece of paper or set a reminder on your phone. Once you’ve done your to-do list for the following day, this will give you a chance to clear your head. Clear head = better sleep. These are a few tips that can help you relax at night and get your body ready for a good night’s rest.

Reconnect: We’re all so busy these days that sometimes we forget to reconnect with our friends most especially our families. Having all sorts of social media available to us makes it easy and not easy to really connect with them. When we see their latest pictures and statuses on social media, it’s usually enough for us to know what they’ve been up to lately. Let’s not forget our valuable friends. Once in awhile reach out to them just to say hi and see how they’ve been doing. You don’t want to be that friend  you only hear from when they need something. Be mindful of family members, calling mom and/or dad at least once a week makes a big difference especially to them. When we were young our parents worry about us and now that we’re older they still worry about us. Parents always love to hear from their kids. Take a few minutes out of your busy week to let them know you are thinking of them as well.

Money Matters: We all have done impulsive purchases in our lives whether it’s a small buy  or a big buy, this can be a problem . You can try to avoid this by thinking about it first by putting on hold the buying process. Think - is this a necessity or is it something you really need? And if it is a treat to yourself, what have you done lately to deserve it?  A good test I like to do is giving it a few days or even weeks. After so many days and you still want the item and you know that you will put it to a good use, then go for it. Often times I find when the ‘thinking days’ have passed I hardly think of that particular product I’ve been dying to buy last week! Often I realize I don't really need it. Try this test. Think about it first, and you may just save yourself a few bucks or more.

Good Vibes Only:  Don’t be a Debbie downer or negative Nancy.  Be as positive as you can living your day to day life. You may not notice this at first, but the more you hang out with haters, full of excuses, lazy, people who blame others for their shortcomings and the ones who refuse to learn new things - beware, these people are very contagious people! Slowly but surely you will become them! Yikesss! If you know you need a change in your life, look at the people around you.  One of the most important and strongest influence to you are the people you surround yourself with.  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Stick with the ones you want to become or know can learn from them and vice versa.

Wardrobe:  Do you find that what you wear affects your mood and confidence? This is true for most people. This makes perfect sense. If you decide to get out of the house or meet up with some friends and for some insane reason you chose to wear that pair of jeans that you know you aren’t really comfortable wearing, maybe it’s too tight, or maybe the hem somehow looks funny and you don’t even know why you bought it in the first place, this will affect your mood in a bad way all throughout the time you’re wearing this piece of $#it. Tip: Don’t wear anything you don’t like! This may be common sense to you but you’d be surprised how many people out there makes this mistake everyday.

Goals: Set goals. To set a goal gives you inspiration and motivation to be better and to achieve something you care about. It doesn’t matter what it is whether it’s making money or making friends or doing better at school, losing weight, exercise more or saving money. Setting a goal gives you a reason to work on something. Don’t just wake up every morning and just let your day decide what your day is going to be like, instead plan how you can be a step closer to your goal(s). 


Accept The Hardships To Come: Have a mantra to live by. What is a mantra: A mantra is a motto, a word or a phrase, statement or slogan repeated frequently. Have a mantra set in your mind however you want to live your life. One mantra I always have in my head is that ‘to have something you really want without suffering, difficulty or any sort of challenge means it’s not anything special’. To have something and to reach a destination you’ve been wanting to and worked hard for it is a different feeling. It’s an achievement you can be proud of. An example of this is when you hear couples who have been together for a long time and they say “We have been married for 30 years!” Why do you think they say it so proudly? Because marriage is hard work yet they manage and make things work. It is something to be proud of. Whether it’s marriage, business, kids, personal development and growth, etc - If we want something really badly in our lives we have to accept the hardships that comes with it. Embrace the hardships and adversaries in your life - live it and learn from it and it will embrace you back.


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Fashion Talk - It's All About Balance

ZZ Top sure hit the nail on its head when they sang “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”. While style has always been subjective (and should be!), you can’t argue that making a little bit of an effort with your look certainly leaves an impression. And sometimes ‘old school’ can be very ‘right now’!

Take neck-ties for example – These slender lengths of fabric, when worn right, can take your look from “Meh” to “My, My” in a jiffy! And while the dapper gents of yesteryear had but a few options in this department, today’s gentlemen can choose from neck-ties in a plethora of fabrics and textures – silk, seersucker, flannel, wool, straight cotton and Madras checks, to name only a few.

Welcome to Mule Ties! Here, we love to celebrate all that’s dapper and trendy in the world of men’s fashion accessories. Based in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, the Mule Ties team works tirelessly to curate a fabulous collection of men’s fashion accessories for the discerning gentleman. After all, why should women have all the fun?

It isn’t just neck-ties that can transform your look. A classy bow-tie can add brilliant dimension, lending your ensemble a flavour that’s equal parts vintage and hipster. Add to that the variety of fabrics and textures they are available in today, and you’ve got yourself a fun way to infuse individualistic style into an otherwise mundane ensemble. Not too comfortable with tying a bow-tie yourself? A good clip-on can look just as stylish. Either way, a bow-tie is a lot more versatile than you might think. Don’t just reserve them for tuxedos; a smart buttondown shirt and well-tailored pants can be turned into something extraordinary. Add a pair of suspenders, and you might have to deal with a few weak-kneed ladies!

Feeling a little more adventurous? A lovely floral lapel will give your outfit a touch of romanticism for a special occasion, perfect for weddings or special dates. And no, there’s nothing girly about adding a floral element to your look. Quite the contrary, the contrast can actually make you look a little more rugged than usual! Pick from classic solid colours, subtle textures, or quirky prints, to make the trend your own.

So visit us at today. Or call us directly 1-800-425-2807, and our team of stylists will help you find that perfect addition to your wardrobe. We may be based in Calgary, Canada, but the accessories we curate are universally stylish!


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Celebrities Who Know How to Rock a Bow Tie


Celebrities Who Know How to Rock a Bow Tie 

When it comes to dressing well, Hollywood leading men tend to lead the pack. They are able to wear neckties and bow ties in ways that make regular men want to revamp their entire wardrobe. This is never more evident that it is during awards season. The bow tie, the necktie's more dapper cousin, helps leading men to look their best.

So who are the leading men who wear their bow ties the best? Let's take a closer look at a few stars who put their counterparts to shame with their bow tie game.

 Jay Z

 While the hip hop mogul is typically associated with street fashion, he is beginning to change his appearance as middle age sets in. Or perhaps we can blame Beyonce's influence for Jay's increasingly dapper appearance. The man simply known as Hova and is one of the most powerful executives in the music industry now dresses the part, with a variety of bow ties and neck ties.

 Jared Leto

 Leto turned heads with his Oscar winning performance in the critically acclaimed film Dallas Buyers Club. But he also turns heads when he steps out onto the red carpet, with a dazzling collection of bow ties and neck ties. He is regularly included on a variety of best dressed lists and much like Jay Z, also has close ties to the music industry, thanks to the success of his band 30 Seconds To Mars.

  Joseph Gordon Levitt

 Levitt has experienced a meteoric rise to the top of Hollywood's A list. It's safe to say he has a come long way from his humble beginnings as a precocious child actor in movies such as Angels In The Outfield and TV shows like 3rd Rock From The Sun. Levitt puts his acting peers to shame with his simplistic, yet classy fashion sense, which includes a wide range of neck ties and bow ties. His counterparts would do well to take a few fashion tips from the man they call JGL.

Robert Downey Jr.

 Even though Downey has amassed a small fortune playing Tony Stark in the world famous Iron Man series, he has not let the success go to his head or his wardrobe. It's easy to see that Downey has taken a few hints from his well-dressed alter ego. Or perhaps Tony Stark has taken a few hints from him?

Ryan Gosling

 While Gosling, an actor who is widely considered to be the most attractive man in Hollywood, could easily step out in just about any outfit and still make women swoon, he opts for the classy look that a bow tie provides. A true symbol of old school cool and understated elegance, Gosling is a regular presence on best dressed lists all over Hollywood and should remain firmly entrenched on every woman's wish list for years to come.

Calgary based Mule Ties,  we sell the latest fashionable ties, bow ties, watches, jewelry and much more.

Check out our accessories at


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The Eco Friendly Wood for Fashion?


We see it everywhere and anywhere we go - houses, buildings, furnitures, when camping, water sports, it's literally everywhere we go!  Who would've thought wood can be used for fashion?!  When my business partner/bf and I started a fashion accessory business online selling ties and bow ties,  he mentioned to me the idea of adding wood watches to our collection.  I was a bit skeptical.  I've just never seen anything like it!  A watch that is made out of wood?!  Well, that's just weird...and different.  I started checking these wood watches on the internet, styles, models, colours, etc.  And to my surprise I've started liking them myself and eventually began to get curious how good they would sell out in the market.

So, it has now been roughly six months since we launched our site and the watches so far have been selling great!  Why do people buy them?!  They are made out of wood, not leather nor gold!  Our customers buy them not because they're looking for a new watch, they buy them because it's wood, it's unique, it's a wood watch!  Not to mention they're eco-friendly and all natural - there is something very appealing when you hear the word 'all-natural', of course you have to be smart not to wear them in the rain:)

So next time you're looking for a unique watch  - consider getting yourself or your special someone a wood watch! It's unique; it's different.  Wood for fashion you ask?  Why not! Grab yours now :)

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Dapper the Holidays!


Shopping for the dapper, debonair person in your life this holiday has never been easier! Today's retailers are responding to a major increase in searches for fashionable clothing items, like cool bow ties, wooden watches, and other unique accessories. This uptick in interest has led to an explosion of options for online shopping, making your holiday hit list easier to accomplish than ever before! Read on for a quick guide on some of the trendiest pieces this holiday season, and bring a little heat to your frosty winter celebration.

Skinny Ties, Bow Ties, Neckwear Galore!

Got someone on your list who won't settle for a basic necktie? Or maybe want to treat yourself to something a bit more grownup this holiday season? Try moving beyond the bland to try a kick bow tie or a sleek skinny tie. From classic brown bow ties to a range of funky colors and patterns, the bow tie allows for a range of personal tastes and styles in one effortlessly cool silhouette. A statement bow tie makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the style maven in your life, and it can also carry your own personal style through every holiday engagement you'll need to weather this season!

Prefer something a bit more traditional? The skinny tie blends trend with tradition in a cool look that's easy to pull off for just about anyone. From preppy plaids to cozy knits, the skinny tie offers something for everyone in one sleek look. Finish off the gift with a tie clip or a solid button down shirt to offer a perfect palette for the new tie!

Wood Works

Another major style trend this year is the wooden fashion accessory. From wooden sunglasses to wooden watches, this look offers something both down to earth and totally cutting edge. Wooden watched pair well with just about any look; you can dress it up with a suit, or dress it down with jeans. adding just the right amount of interest to a classic accessory, the wooden watch is a great gift that, along with wooden sunglasses, has been on a trending upswing all year long.

Bling for All

What could be finer than a jewelry box under the tree? With more online fashion retailers offering trendy unisex jewelry pieces, it's easier than ever to find the perfect bracelet, necklace, or ring for every person on your list. Choose a classic black piece sure to pair with a number of looks, or opt for an eyecatching metal, like rose gold. Stackable rings and statement rings have been trending all year long. A bold, chunky ring works well on anyone's hand, no matter how masculine or feminine their style. You can never go wrong with a simple gold or silver chain; and if you choose a chain with a trendy pendant, you'll be sure to please the bold fashionista in your family or friend group!

Bring a little fashionable cheer is simpler than tying a necktie, so get on it, and dapper your holiday this year!


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The Art of Style

Nothing looks more stunning on a man than a suit adorned with a classic bow tie. For most the idea of entertaining a bowtie is kept strictly for movie stars on the red carpet, black-tie affairs, and weddings but the addition of a bowtie to your already eclectic look can keep your style fresh and modern. Men who enjoy fashion and know how to pull off the look can open up a style element that is all your own by adding a bow tie in unexpected ways. Bowties are becoming a cult classic in the fashion world reining in as one of the must have wardrobe accessories of the season for both men and women. For tips and style inspiration on how to pull off the bow tie look read, The Art of Style.


Fashion requires a muse and in this case we have three. Take a page from these 'men of style' books and find new ways to love the bow tie.


Marc Jacobs

One of the most influential male fashion designers on the planet and because of his gorgeous unique style he is also one of the most talked about celebrity fashion designers as well. With his flair and attention to detail he pulls off fashion trends like a true professional. The muse himself tends to wear bow ties in the highest fashion regard and usually steps out into the spotlight wearing a tux or something with a little more flair. Either way, knowing when to take risks and when to not is how to pull off the stunning Marc Jacobs bowtie style.


Style Tip: Black tie events require just that. If you are expected to show up wearing formal attire try to not stray too far from the dress code. If you are searching for something a little more fashion forward paring your regular black tux with a leather bowtie from MuleTies is the perfect way to make Marc proud.



Brad Goreski

Everyone is aware of the fabulous and fashionable, bowtie wearing, color enthusiast and former assistant for stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe. As Brad ventured out on his own he continues to show us all how much he loves his bowties! If you are feeling a bit more nostalgic and want to pay homage to Mr. Goreski himself the MuleTies collections feature an array of stylish bowties. From the Brown Squirrel to 99 Balloons each one will keep your look fresh, trendy and very Brad like.



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