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How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

How to Buy the Perfect Knit Tie

In just the last few years, knit ties have emerged as a fashion “must have” for any men’s wardrobe. At one time, they were only designed for casual wear but now they are often paired with sport coats, vests and even suits. Here’s what you need to know about buying the perfect knit tie.


Soft vs. crunchy


“Crunchy” is usually not a word that you’d associate with men’s fashion, but it describes one of the two main types of knit ties. The other type is “soft.” Thus, the first choice you will have to make is whether you prefer the soft or crunchy knit tie.


This is both an aesthetic issue as well as a price issue. The crunchy ties are made using a special silk yarn from the Alps and are largely handmade on 100-year-old machines. As you might guess, you’re paying a healthy premium for this artisanal workmanship. Due to their stiffness and overall appearance, they are best paired with more formal outfits, such as a pinstripe business suit.


The soft ties offer a really smooth feel, and work well with casual outfits. These are made much like socks, and are unique because there are no seams in the back. If you’re looking for a casual tie to wear to a social event or for a casual day at the office, the soft knit tie is a great option.


Silk vs. wool


The next choice you’ll have to make is between silk – the traditional material used in knit ties – and other materials, such as wool, cashmere, polyester and blends. Now that knit ties are being worn more informally, the search is on to find new materials that work well for warmer spring and summer months. You could, for example, choose a linen/silk blend or a linen/wool blend. However, if you’re looking for the traditional look – or just want to err on the side of caution with your fashion choices – it’s best to opt for silk.


Wide vs. skinny


When selecting a knit tie, it’s also important to keep in mind how you plan on pairing them with your outfits. As a general rule of thumb, if your suit or sport coat has wide lapels, then you’ll want to choose a wider knit tie. And if your suit or sport coat has skinny lapels, then you’ll want to choose a skinner knit tie.




Now that you’ve narrowed down the knit tie by type, material and width, you can choose the right color. Here, it’s best to go with traditional color palettes. For example, if you’re wearing a navy suit, it’s best to wear a blue or red tie. In general, darker colors – blues, reds, greens – can be paired with a much wider selection of outfits than bright color. Moreover, if you’re planning on wearing your knit ties with suits, it’s best to choose a solid color tie rather than, say, a striped or casual pattern. A solid colored knit tie that’s stiff and crunchy can really make your suit “pop” and help you stand out in any meeting.


By following just a few basic rules – such as choosing silk over other materials and opting for darker solid colors rather than patterns – you can buy a knit tie that will pair well with a variety of outfits and win you compliments for your unique fashion style.



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How to Tie a Tie | The Four-in-Hand Knot

How to Tie a Tie | The Four-in-Hand Knot


How to Tie a Tie 

It is quite essential for men to know how to tie a tie. However, many men are without the skill to tie a tie and those who know it also may know only one necktie knot when there are four different types of tie knots – Four-in-hand, Pratt, Windsor and Half Windsor. It is very easy to learn how to tie a tie and it won’t take much of your time. Those who practice the same are advised to hold the tie in hand and keep a mirror near to them so that they can view the knot and check whether the knot is made properly.

The Four-in-hand knot

Though the Four-in-hand knot is considered as a common tie knot, it suits most to men whose necks are comparatively shorter. The perceived length of the neck gets stretched by a bit because of this knot since it is an elongated knot and is very narrow. This narrow knot is a little asymmetrical and is more discreet. For neckties made of heavy fabrics, this is the ideal knot. It is also the best knot for button-down type standard dress shirt.

Here are the 7 steps to tie a tie using the four-in-hand knot.

  1. One end of the tie is wide and the other end is narrow. Keep the wide end below the narrow end by approximately 12 inches.
  2. Keep the wide end crossed over the narrow end.
  3. Hold the wide end up above and behind the narrow end
  4. Again bring the wide end back over in front of the narrow end
  5. Pull up the wide end through the loop that is around the neck
  6. Using your index finger hold the knot loosely and through the front loop pull down the wide end
  7. Remove the index finger. By holding the narrow end and slowly sliding the knot up tighten the knot to the collar.

The Four-in-hand tie not is also known as the “schoolboy” knot. This knot is the easiest as well as the most widely used tie knot. For the ties that are made of thick material, Four-in-hand is the best knot. Also, when the spread collars are comparatively smaller, the Four-in-hand knot looks highly stylish.

Removing the tie

When you want to remove the tie, instead of removing it in haste, follow the correct procedure. All the steps that were followed to tie the tie are to be repeated in the reverse order to remove the tie. Since the tie is a precious part of your dress, by taking proper care to tie the tie as well as remove it, it can be used for a longer period.

Tie Wrinkles

It is easy to get rid of the wrinkles of the tie. Hold the narrow end of the tie up using the thumb leaving the wide end to hang down. Repeatedly wrap the wide end around your hand, take up and keep on a flat surface. The wrinkles will disappear within few hours and the tie will appear fresh.

Length of neck tie

Irrespective of the type of the knot, the wide end of the tie must be almost at the same height as the upper edge of the belt with the tip of the tie a little below the same. There is no specific location for the tip of the narrow end.


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The Easiest Way How To Tie A Bow Tie

It’s time to up your game from a clip-on bow tie to an actual grown man’s bow tie and that’s going to take some practice. Not many men know how to even tie a regular tie, let alone a bow tie, but with some practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if you haven’t added bow ties to your closet, it’s time you get a few because it’s become the go-to accessory in men’s fashion!

To start, place the bow tie of your choice (here’s a great selection over your neck so that each end is hanging down on either side. Know that one end of the bow tie should be longer than the other side by a few inches (if you’re right handed, it should be longer on your right side and on the left side if you’re left handed).

Cross the longer end of the bow tie over the other side so that it forms an “X” on your chest. Then bring the longer end right underneath the shorter end and bring it out from the center up to your face (it’s sort of like tying a shoe lace at this point). With the longer end up on your face, it’s time to fold the shorter end that’s still hanging down horizontally into a bow shape.

Now place the longer end over the shorter end so that it starts to shape the middle of the bow before folding that same long end horizontally. Finally insert that longer end through the loop you’ve created at the back of the shorter end and pull both ends together gently to tighten the knot that you’ve just created. And volia – you’ve tied you’re first bow tie!

But don’t be discouraged if your first bow tie comes out lopsided or imperfect because it’ll take some practice to get it just right. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice tying a bow tie in the mirror and you’ll get the hang of it. Then the hard part will be trying to decide on what bow tie to accessorize your outfit with (like these Rome, Maestro or Gneiss options)!



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      Want to look good this summer?

      Want to look good this summer?

      Summer is just around the corner, and we are certainly loving it! There’s something about the warm sunshine and blossoms that just has us grinning to ourselves. But our favourite part of the season, is how fashion mirrors nature by bursting with fresh, gorgeous colours. And no, we aren’t just talking about the ladies!

      We love ourselves a well-dressed man, and nothing adds that touch of gentlemanly style quite like a bow-tie. We at Mule Ties have a brand new collection available now, in a kaleidoscope of gorgeous summery hues to add a burst of freshness to your look. From floral neckties to vibrant pocket squares, it’s all here this season.

      For those of you who have done this before, you already know the power of the right accessory, and how best to make it complete and complement your ensemble. As for the beginners, have no fear – we’ve got your back!

      In the current day and age, wearing such accessories as bowties, lapel pins or pocket squares is sometimes considered ‘flamboyant’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. But your ensemble needn’t echo the flamboyancy by looking over-the-top. As with all accessories, it’s important that they complement your look without overpowering it. And that in itself, can be a fine art. For starters, limit yourself to no more than 2-3 accessories. While it can be tempting to go the whole nine yards with neckties, lapel pins, pocket squares, watches, belt buckles and socks, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution. The old adage ‘Less is more’ still holds true when it comes to fashion.

      Spring and summer are great seasons to break out linen pants or suits, with a crisp cotton shirt. Accessorize with a colourful bowtie to keep it summery, while lending your ensemble a charming individuality. For a more formal outing, a vibrant pocket square is both dapper and delightful. And if you’re in more of a quirky mood, we also have bowties with some offbeat illustration prints that are sure to make a statement!

      So this season, freshen up the classic gentlemanly look with your own personal touch. Choose from the wide range of accessories we have at, or give us a call and our team of expert stylists will help you create a look that’s definitively ‘you’.  Mule Ties is a Calgary, AB based e-commerce store where we offer pickup to local Calgarians.

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      Let Your Neckwear Make A Statement At Your Next Wedding Event

      Going to weddings and other special events makes a person want to put their best fashion foot forward and really show their sense of style. Elegant bowties and neckties are often worn as main accessories at these more formal events and can make a big difference in one’s appearance. Making smart choices with your ties can give you a unique look that turns heads and compliments the rest of your clothing to near perfection.

       As people around the world are becoming more aware of their own fashion sense, they are find new and creative ways to display their personality through their clothing. This means that a good variety of ties should be available to you so that you can find one that matches your tastes. A different season often means different styles and colors come into play and weddings can happen any time of year. 

      When a special event calls for a specific color pattern or design to be worn by the attendee, this could limit your options somewhat and you may have to be extra creative to stand out. There are however many great bowties and neckties that come in every color that you want and many with mixed color schemes that really make an impression. Having a good variety of ties with different designs in your closet will help you stay ready when an event comes up in short notice.

       The old days of formalwear has often involved ties that are less than exciting and a lot of uniformity. Designers and retailers today are making more efforts to create formal attire that is exciting and a little more fashionable. Comfort and attractiveness are becoming more important to those who want a quality tie to wear to formal occasions and more great options are available for purchase. A beautiful tie can really help bring life to clothing that may be otherwise ordinary looking and makes its own statement.

       Making a good first impression can mean a lot and wedding days often lead to first time meetings and your look can say a lot about you. The right tie can help speak for you and demonstrate your ability to dress properly. There are few clothing items or accessories that represent sophistication more than a good bowtie or necktie and you deserve a good selection of them that work for you.

       Weddings are times of lasting memories and the sort of occasions that you want to look your very best. If you need a great tie in the City of Calgary,  or throughout Canada, or the U.S., feel free to browse and shop at for a variety of great neckties, bowties, and other items that can make your wedding look that much more chic.

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