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Q&A with Mancave London, Men's Grooming Shop at it's Best

Q&A with Mancave London, Men's Grooming Shop at it's Best

The Mule Ties team continues to work with other fashion designers and trending shops. We're glad to introduce to our customers, viewers and readers, London's hottest men's grooming shop, Mancave London! They're modern, classy, sleek and stylish! Let's hear a little bit about their background. 


How did you guys get started? 

Menswear designer, Gemma Fraser founded the brand in early 2015. With a passion for menswear and brands with a unique visual identity from around the world; Mancave London was born. Built for the contemporary gent, for those that admire sartorial style, supporting the eager designers of tomorrow, and dressing to impress; Mancave London continuously collates the very best products from all corners of the globe. Bringing the modern day gentleman unique, beautifully crafted products and menswear suitable for both work, and play.

Mancave London has quite the exquisite style. Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

We get our inspiration from our gentleman, dapper gentleman - whether that be through street style, travelling to different cities, Instagram, or people watching whilst having coffee down a cobbled street in Shoreditch, London. Style is all around us and it just depends how you interpret peoples individual take on a trend.

What are the top 5 wardrobe staples every man should have?

 Top 5 is hard - however, if we had to pick (In no particular order)

  1. A blue slim fitting Blazer is the backbone for any Gents wardrobe –whether you need a preppy, modern or traditional look the blue blazer is your man.
  2. Good socks - socks can really make or break an outfit - especially with the ‘rolled up trouser’ / ankle grazer slack look that is in at the moment. You could be wearing the most dapper 3-piece suit and flash a pair of terrible socks and the look is ruined. Our Alfredo Gonzales little numbers are the ideal choice!socks/c1f88
  3. A grey three-piece suit – preferably in a windowpane check to up the sartorial stakes.
  4. A good white shirt is key to any man’s wardrobe. A strong, stand up collar is your first checkpoint followed by a slim fit. Slim enough in the body to avoid the look of ‘shirt fat’, but not so tight you look like Popeye (let’s be honest that try hard look isn’t attractive). Box pleats in the back are preferable to add a little ventilation (no one likes sweat patches). Basic principle for cloth is cotton (it let’s you breathe), in a strong 120g either poplin or an Oxford weave – we personally like a bit of texture you get from the Oxford.
  5. A classic watch in a timeless style with leather strap is the staple arm candy for any gentleman. See Mancave London’s selection!watches/co68

What are your top 3 hottest products?

  1. Stuart & Lau Cary Briefcase – Blue / Tan – Brought to Mancave London all the way from New York, the Stuart and Lau Cary briefcase is the ultimate accessory for any gentleman’s daily attire. Designed to provide a streamlined experience for your every day, the Cary briefcase includes features that address the real needs of a day spent in motion – whether it be their built in umbrella holder, newspaper slip for your daily commute, luggage tag pen that is perfect for your travel card or the fact that it’s actually waterproof to protect your daily essentials rain or shine, this guy is a must have.!product-page/c6np/ab5ccb65-328a-ab41-69d5-e6a3c9275835
  1. Il Bussetto Portfolio – Hand stained, crafted from the finest Italian leather, using traditional methods, Il Bussetto creates the most stylish portfolios we have ever encountered. Available in two sizes and 4 colours, the sleeve is perfect for your laptop/Ipad, as a travel document holder or to hold your daily documents. Versatile and unique, this guy will only get better over time.!wallets/eb0mf
  1. Hunter Lab Skin Care Products – A man’s face is his biggest asset. The moneymaker, the first touch point, in every meeting, in every power play and first impressions last. Now men with ambition, motivation and a modern approach to clean and healthy living have learnt what women have long known; that taking care of their skin will ensure they look dapper for longer. Mancave London has brought Hunter Lab all the way from Australia, where they have perfected the tools to keep a man’s skin tip top, in the city or exploring.!skincare/s4mhs

How to dress casual but still looking sharp?

It’s all about the layers and making sure whatever you’re wearing fits well. Jeans and a tee are perfectly fine – but make sure they flatter your body shape. Throw on a suede bomber and some leather Chelsea boots and you’re away.

What is the most common fashion mistake guys make?

An ill-fitting suit is just the worst fashion mistake committed by some men. Just because you are wearing a suit jacket, trousers and some kind of shirt, does not by any means mean you look sharp. If there is one New Years resolution you keep this year – get your self a proper fitting suit. Every one who matters in your life will thank you for it.

What's the latest fashion trend you hate?

Man-buns; done badly. Man buns, done well are perfectly acceptable. Meticulously grown hair, matched with a well-groomed beard on a well established man is A-OK. A little stump of hair on top of the head of a baby faced jaeger-bomb enthusiast however is not.  

Visualizing the fashion world 20 years from now, how does it look like to you?

In recent years we have seen a considerable increase in the number of gentleman that are taking more pride in their appearance. Inspiration of how to dress is subtly placed in men’s hands, through endless imagery on social media. Individual, online ,creative brands are more accessible to those used to just the high street. On the whole, shopping and dressing for men aren’t so much a chore anymore, but more a pleasure that they take great pride in. That being said, you would think that the percentage of well-dressed men would have increased in 20 years time? 2025 for us will be more about the roots of a brand; where they came from, how they’re made, what they stand for. Uniqueness will be a positive and following the crowd will be more of an after thought. 


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The Easiest Way How To Tie A Bow Tie

It’s time to up your game from a clip-on bow tie to an actual grown man’s bow tie and that’s going to take some practice. Not many men know how to even tie a regular tie, let alone a bow tie, but with some practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if you haven’t added bow ties to your closet, it’s time you get a few because it’s become the go-to accessory in men’s fashion!

To start, place the bow tie of your choice (here’s a great selection over your neck so that each end is hanging down on either side. Know that one end of the bow tie should be longer than the other side by a few inches (if you’re right handed, it should be longer on your right side and on the left side if you’re left handed).

Cross the longer end of the bow tie over the other side so that it forms an “X” on your chest. Then bring the longer end right underneath the shorter end and bring it out from the center up to your face (it’s sort of like tying a shoe lace at this point). With the longer end up on your face, it’s time to fold the shorter end that’s still hanging down horizontally into a bow shape.

Now place the longer end over the shorter end so that it starts to shape the middle of the bow before folding that same long end horizontally. Finally insert that longer end through the loop you’ve created at the back of the shorter end and pull both ends together gently to tighten the knot that you’ve just created. And volia – you’ve tied you’re first bow tie!

But don’t be discouraged if your first bow tie comes out lopsided or imperfect because it’ll take some practice to get it just right. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice tying a bow tie in the mirror and you’ll get the hang of it. Then the hard part will be trying to decide on what bow tie to accessorize your outfit with (like these Rome, Maestro or Gneiss options)!



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      Want to look good this summer?

      Want to look good this summer?

      Summer is just around the corner, and we are certainly loving it! There’s something about the warm sunshine and blossoms that just has us grinning to ourselves. But our favourite part of the season, is how fashion mirrors nature by bursting with fresh, gorgeous colours. And no, we aren’t just talking about the ladies!

      We love ourselves a well-dressed man, and nothing adds that touch of gentlemanly style quite like a bow-tie. We at Mule Ties have a brand new collection available now, in a kaleidoscope of gorgeous summery hues to add a burst of freshness to your look. From floral neckties to vibrant pocket squares, it’s all here this season.

      For those of you who have done this before, you already know the power of the right accessory, and how best to make it complete and complement your ensemble. As for the beginners, have no fear – we’ve got your back!

      In the current day and age, wearing such accessories as bowties, lapel pins or pocket squares is sometimes considered ‘flamboyant’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. But your ensemble needn’t echo the flamboyancy by looking over-the-top. As with all accessories, it’s important that they complement your look without overpowering it. And that in itself, can be a fine art. For starters, limit yourself to no more than 2-3 accessories. While it can be tempting to go the whole nine yards with neckties, lapel pins, pocket squares, watches, belt buckles and socks, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution. The old adage ‘Less is more’ still holds true when it comes to fashion.

      Spring and summer are great seasons to break out linen pants or suits, with a crisp cotton shirt. Accessorize with a colourful bowtie to keep it summery, while lending your ensemble a charming individuality. For a more formal outing, a vibrant pocket square is both dapper and delightful. And if you’re in more of a quirky mood, we also have bowties with some offbeat illustration prints that are sure to make a statement!

      So this season, freshen up the classic gentlemanly look with your own personal touch. Choose from the wide range of accessories we have at, or give us a call and our team of expert stylists will help you create a look that’s definitively ‘you’.  Mule Ties is a Calgary, AB based e-commerce store where we offer pickup to local Calgarians.

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      Fashion Talk - It's All About Balance

      ZZ Top sure hit the nail on its head when they sang “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”. While style has always been subjective (and should be!), you can’t argue that making a little bit of an effort with your look certainly leaves an impression. And sometimes ‘old school’ can be very ‘right now’!

      Take neck-ties for example – These slender lengths of fabric, when worn right, can take your look from “Meh” to “My, My” in a jiffy! And while the dapper gents of yesteryear had but a few options in this department, today’s gentlemen can choose from neck-ties in a plethora of fabrics and textures – silk, seersucker, flannel, wool, straight cotton and Madras checks, to name only a few.

      Welcome to Mule Ties! Here, we love to celebrate all that’s dapper and trendy in the world of men’s fashion accessories. Based in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, the Mule Ties team works tirelessly to curate a fabulous collection of men’s fashion accessories for the discerning gentleman. After all, why should women have all the fun?

      It isn’t just neck-ties that can transform your look. A classy bow-tie can add brilliant dimension, lending your ensemble a flavour that’s equal parts vintage and hipster. Add to that the variety of fabrics and textures they are available in today, and you’ve got yourself a fun way to infuse individualistic style into an otherwise mundane ensemble. Not too comfortable with tying a bow-tie yourself? A good clip-on can look just as stylish. Either way, a bow-tie is a lot more versatile than you might think. Don’t just reserve them for tuxedos; a smart buttondown shirt and well-tailored pants can be turned into something extraordinary. Add a pair of suspenders, and you might have to deal with a few weak-kneed ladies!

      Feeling a little more adventurous? A lovely floral lapel will give your outfit a touch of romanticism for a special occasion, perfect for weddings or special dates. And no, there’s nothing girly about adding a floral element to your look. Quite the contrary, the contrast can actually make you look a little more rugged than usual! Pick from classic solid colours, subtle textures, or quirky prints, to make the trend your own.

      So visit us at today. Or call us directly 1-800-425-2807, and our team of stylists will help you find that perfect addition to your wardrobe. We may be based in Calgary, Canada, but the accessories we curate are universally stylish!


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      The Art of Style

      Nothing looks more stunning on a man than a suit adorned with a classic bow tie. For most the idea of entertaining a bowtie is kept strictly for movie stars on the red carpet, black-tie affairs, and weddings but the addition of a bowtie to your already eclectic look can keep your style fresh and modern. Men who enjoy fashion and know how to pull off the look can open up a style element that is all your own by adding a bow tie in unexpected ways. Bowties are becoming a cult classic in the fashion world reining in as one of the must have wardrobe accessories of the season for both men and women. For tips and style inspiration on how to pull off the bow tie look read, The Art of Style.


      Fashion requires a muse and in this case we have three. Take a page from these 'men of style' books and find new ways to love the bow tie.


      Marc Jacobs

      One of the most influential male fashion designers on the planet and because of his gorgeous unique style he is also one of the most talked about celebrity fashion designers as well. With his flair and attention to detail he pulls off fashion trends like a true professional. The muse himself tends to wear bow ties in the highest fashion regard and usually steps out into the spotlight wearing a tux or something with a little more flair. Either way, knowing when to take risks and when to not is how to pull off the stunning Marc Jacobs bowtie style.


      Style Tip: Black tie events require just that. If you are expected to show up wearing formal attire try to not stray too far from the dress code. If you are searching for something a little more fashion forward paring your regular black tux with a leather bowtie from MuleTies is the perfect way to make Marc proud.



      Brad Goreski

      Everyone is aware of the fabulous and fashionable, bowtie wearing, color enthusiast and former assistant for stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe. As Brad ventured out on his own he continues to show us all how much he loves his bowties! If you are feeling a bit more nostalgic and want to pay homage to Mr. Goreski himself the MuleTies collections feature an array of stylish bowties. From the Brown Squirrel to 99 Balloons each one will keep your look fresh, trendy and very Brad like.



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