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What to Love in Traveling Alone

What to Love in Traveling Alone

When the traveler goes alone, he gets acquainted with himself. ~Liberty Hyde Bailey

Have you tried traveling alone? Or if not, do you want to?  It could be scary traveling alone and meeting strangers along your travel but wouldn’t it be exciting to see a new and different place all by yourself and seeing it first-hand without the worry of a company that they might not like or appreciate what you see?

There’s indeed a great difference in traveling with a group of friends and traveling alone. Though, being with your friends while traveling is a lot loud, perky and fun, however, doing a travel adventure in a solo mode offers you a lot of total different experience. Traveling alone allows you to acquire a lot of things from the certain place you go to, the people (a.k.a strangers) you meet and more especially, you get to learn a lot of yourself. So what it is there to love in traveling alone? A LOT!

When traveling alone, it’s easier to plan your activities to the places you want to visit because all you have to depend on is yourself. You don’t have to consider anyone for the hustle and bustle of your tour. You control your own whereabouts and you get to choose what you want to do. Personally, the feeling of doing this on your own when you travel alone is kind of relieving and revealing at the same time. It relieves the anxiety (somehow) you might feel when being alone in your tour. You’ll realize that there are a lot things you thought you could not do but you can. It reveals your strengths and as well as your weaknesses as you go on with your journey.   Indeed, traveling alone gets you the self-indulgence that you need.

In a solo travel adventure, the most important thing that you get to discover is the discovery of yourself. You get to know more about different places, different people, different culture and different ways to have fun and you get to indulge that on your own. Sounds selfish, though but it’s not. Making time for yourself is the most gratifying moment you have to experience; and traveling alone is very helpful in giving you that access to gratify the solitary and cherish the moment with yourself. Though, yes, it’s true that sometimes it’s good to share the moment of experiencing something amusing and amazing with the people you love. However, solo travels allows us to experience something fulfilling that being in a group wouldn’t allow us to.

There are a lot of best places to travel alone. Whether it’s New Zealand or Norway, Japan or Sweden, as long as you have fun and you make sure that you get the satisfying experience you’ll never forget. You can make mistakes, learn from it and retain these mistakes that will eventually become your lessons. They say when you travel alone, you get to become more of yourself, you will gain a brand new outlook in life and more importantly you will gather a lot of lessons that you can use as you go on with your own journey of life.

Traveling alone is a truly experience of a lifetime that everyone should experience. In this kind of journey, you get to be free and be able to trust your instincts without the judgement and prejudices from traveling companions. It is a distinct achievement where you get to enjoy, learn, aspire and be who you want to be. So yes, there is a lot to love in traveling alone - a lot of time to love life and a lot of time to love yourself.


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