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Get The Best Environmentally Friendly Watches

With many distracting options on the market, finding a watch which looks fashionable as well as meets all your needs can be difficult. It may even look more impossible to find one that can reduce your carbon footprint, however this has now changed with Mule Ties, Calgary, Wewood, Watches.

 These watches are stylish 'green' watches and are exactly what you are looking for if you like making green choices. The watches are not flashy, will not scratch easily and are environmentally friendly.

 Wooden watches are unique because recycled and leftover wood is put to good use. Recycling and reusing materials which would have been thrown away can help to preserve their usefulness so that more people can continue benefiting from them. At Mule Ties, Calgary, Wewood Watches for every watch that is purchased, the company has a policy where a tree is planted in order to compensate for the wood that has been used.

 Each watch has a unique design and story that does not look like the other watches in stock. These watches are made from furniture trimmings, reused floorboards as well as musical instrument scraps. If you want to start a new year with a new you, you can do this by becoming more environmentally aware.

The watches apart from being eco-friendly are also unisex, so anyone can wear them. They will appeal to anyone interested in making their lives green, and the watches will still let you have a conversation with your friends.

The watches are different from any other type of watch and are designed to be durable therefore, you will wear them for a long time. Because of the sustainable materials used on the watches, repairs are easy if anything goes wrong with your watch. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the watch not fitting or looking right.

 These eco-friendly watches which are simple in design help you to rediscover the beauty of nature, and yet they carry a lot of weight due to the material they are made from.

 Improve nature as well as yourself by making a new resolution that a new year will be equal to a new you.

 Order a green watch for yourself or as a gift for someone so that you can do your part in helping the environment. Since every purchase leads to the planting of a new tree, you can be assured that you will help to repopulate the earth with beautiful trees that return the environment to its natural balance.

Consider making eco-friendly choices this year by trying on wooden watches to keep time and in return, you will help preserve time for the rest of nature. Order Mule Ties, Calgary, Wewood Watches today and make a difference.

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The Eco Friendly Wood for Fashion?


We see it everywhere and anywhere we go - houses, buildings, furnitures, when camping, water sports, it's literally everywhere we go!  Who would've thought wood can be used for fashion?!  When my business partner/bf and I started a fashion accessory business online selling ties and bow ties,  he mentioned to me the idea of adding wood watches to our collection.  I was a bit skeptical.  I've just never seen anything like it!  A watch that is made out of wood?!  Well, that's just weird...and different.  I started checking these wood watches on the internet, styles, models, colours, etc.  And to my surprise I've started liking them myself and eventually began to get curious how good they would sell out in the market.

So, it has now been roughly six months since we launched our site and the watches so far have been selling great!  Why do people buy them?!  They are made out of wood, not leather nor gold!  Our customers buy them not because they're looking for a new watch, they buy them because it's wood, it's unique, it's a wood watch!  Not to mention they're eco-friendly and all natural - there is something very appealing when you hear the word 'all-natural', of course you have to be smart not to wear them in the rain:)

So next time you're looking for a unique watch  - consider getting yourself or your special someone a wood watch! It's unique; it's different.  Wood for fashion you ask?  Why not! Grab yours now :)

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Wewood Christmas!

Struggling to find that perfect gift for him or her over the holidays,  Wewood is an eco-friendly company that designs beautiful wood accessories which includes watches, sunglasses.  For every watch purchased a tree is planted in your favour to give back to the environment and make the world a better place.  

At Mule Ties Calgary, Alberta based e-commerce company we sell fashionable accessories including bow ties, neck ties , fashionable unisex jewelry.  We were very happy to partner with such at company as Wewood and be one of the main suppliers to the Canadian market of Wewood fashion.  It's been a struggle this holiday season keep the product in the warehouse.  As soon as the product comes it it goes out.  Wewood is available at our watch collection area.  The line ranges from mens to ladies and numerous unisex watches that look beautiful on girls or guys.  For instance the Kappa Chocolate has been a top seller this holiday season with it's dark chocolate wood and beautiful detail,  it's really unbelievable it's made from 100% wood.

Wewood is putting campaign over the holidays, if you avoid cutting down a tree and use some unconventional eco-friendly Christmas tree and post your picture on pinterest using #TreeFreeHoliday  Wewood will plant a tree in your honour. Check out some of the ideas at the Wewood instagram account.

#TreeFreeHoliday Campaign

As the holiday season inches closer to December 25, here at WeWOOD we are doing what we can to educate people on the importance of saving trees and planting new ones. Tag Instagram photos of your eco-friendly alternative to the traditional Christmas tree. For every submission, we will plant a tree in your honour!


Happy Holidays!


Monica & Terry



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