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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Style this Summer

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Style this Summer

Summer is on its way. Change of weather means a change of clothing and style. Some people cope up with this change very well while the others find it bothersome to shift to new things. However, it’s not a difficult job at  all provided that you consider the basics of summer clothing and style. Before you go for your summer shopping, you need to keep a few points in mind. 

Try New Things

                    Try new things. Kollar Clothing. Rugged outfit 2017.

The true sense of style comes when you open your mind to new and unique options. You don’t have to be conventional and follow blindly whatever is in vogue. Making acceptable variations is always in your hand. Make a good use of it. So, you can wear chinos instead of wearing baggy pants or shorts. You can wear your casual dress shirts with shorts if you wish.

There is no such hard and fast rule regarding which thing goes with what. Try to make new combinations. Wear hats, half sleeves shirts, loosely buttoned shirts. All that will help you fight summers while being a fashionista as well. Believe me; people go crazy after what’s different and new!

 Find a Signature Accessory

        Try new accessory. Vitaly Design necklace. Unique necklace available at Mule Ties.

Fashion has always been about finding your signature style statement. So, this is what goes with this summer too. For women, this might be an interesting topic as they have a lot to choose from, jewelry, skirts, hats, dresses that fits the summer months. However, for men, it might get boring and difficult. This is because men tend to think they have a limited stock to select from.  They can wear a handkerchief as a pocketsquare or carry a stylish backpack with them, choose a jewelry that fits your style. Vitaly never fails to create jewelry that speaks loudly about one's character. 

Wear Light Colors

                     Summer Clothing. Light Colored Shirt for Men. Kollar Clothing. Mule Ties

Summers are all about light colors. Remember that light color does not refer to dull ones. It means the cool colors that soothe one’s eyes and do not make it more piercing to look at while the sun is blazing on the top. So you can wear any shade of blue, pink, light yellow, whites, off-white and greys.

Choose the shirts of your choice from the vast range at Mule Ties. Get them delivered to your doorstep just at one click. Get the best-quality shirts for summer this year.


Komono Sunglasses. Unisex Summer Sunnies.

When talking about styling, sunglasses should never be kept off the list. Choose the ones which go best with your face's shape and let the style speak.

Sunglasses have always been the first choice during the summer months, it's a must-have. Not only for style but for protecting our vision from that striking heat of sunlight. Also sunglasses do protect the skin area around the eyes - hello wrinkles! Hey we're all heading in that direction one day but why not slow down the aging of your skin by wearing sunglasses when needed?!   

Don’t Get Overdone!

                What not to wear. Overly done outfit.

Whether it’s summer or winter, the rule remains the same; don’t get overly done. Listen, there's no need for you to wear all that you have all at once. This will make you look bothersome. Unless you're seeking for attention in a bad way then go for it! Simplicity is always perfect. Just go with your style statement and wear what makes you comfortable. Save the layering for the winter season. 


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