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  • The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Men Make
  • Post author
    Monica Juno

The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Men Make
Whether you are choosing a new outfit for the office or considering new wardrobe choices for a “big night out,” you need to avoid several classic fashion mistakes that men make, year after year. In a worst-case scenario, your office co-workers might have serious questions about your ability to take on new client work, and your new romantic interest might decide that you are still not grown up enough for a serious relationship. The stakes are high, so don’t fall into these classic fashion traps.


Mistake #1: Going with man-made, synthetic fabrics over natural fabrics


OK, we get it, it might seem time-consuming to actually read the label on the inside of a shirt, jacket or pair of pants. But just a 30-second scan of that label might save your life (figuratively speaking, of course). That’s because you will be able to see which fabrics were made in the construction of the garment you are considering.

This is no small matter, mostly because man-made and synthetic fabrics may look good on the store rack, but don’t hold up well. After a few times wearing them, these garments start to show the reasons why they were so inexpensive in the first place. Ever wonder why some men’s suits are priced under $199, and some are even under $99? The answer has to do with the materials used to make them.


Polyester might seem like a no-brainer because (a) it’s cheap and (b) it tends not to wrinkle as much as fabrics like cotton or wool. However, that polyester suit, shirt or pair of pants will start to look shiny after just a few days. Even worse – the material feels cheap and inexpensive to the touch. As a rule of thumb, go with natural fabrics. [The only possible exception here is a cotton/spandex mix, where a little extra spandex can help t-shirts retain their proper form]


Mistake #2: Choosing the wrong accent pieces for your outfit


Unlike women, men have fewer opportunities to accessorize their outfits. Your options are relatively limited – cufflinks, pocket squares, maybe a pair of sunglasses. However, there is one accessory that any man can use to bolster their wardrobe, and that’s the simple bowtie. Nothing says “I’ve got a sense of style” than pairing a bowtie with a suit or casual jacket.


A fashion-forward bowtie is best reserved for a special occasion or holiday. For example, imagine wearing an American flag ready-to-wear bowtie on July 4th to celebrate America’s independence. Or wearing a baby blue checkered bow tie to celebrate the birthday of a young boy. So, the next time you are thinking of pairing a drab tie with a gray suit (a dead giveaway that you have no sense of style), think about spicing things up with a high-end, fashion-forward bowtie.


Mistake #3: Getting your jeans all wrong


If there’s one thing that men consistently get wrong, it’s not understanding which types of jeans to wear. Here’s a big tip: you can’t wear the same jeans in 2018 that you wore in 2008 and 1998. Times change, styles change. If you are wearing skinny jeans and baggy jeans are in fashion, you are going to look like a misplaced time traveler. And vice versa.


But here’s the thing – styles can come back into fashion. Consider the whole concept of wearing “destroyed denim” jeans. This was a fabulously popular trend, and then it seemed to go out of style. And now… it ‘s back. Consider, for example, the new destroyed denim jeans from Kollar Clothing – they are perfectly on-trend as we head into 2018.




The important point to keep in mind is that you don’t need to over-think men’s fashion in order to be fashionable. Just keep these simple tips in mind the next time you’re out shopping, and you can avoid making a regrettable fashion faux pas.

  • Post author
    Monica Juno

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