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  • The Classical Bulbul Watches For Valentine's Day - Give The Gift of Time

The Classical Bulbul Watches For Valentine's Day - Give The Gift of Time

The Classical Bulbul Watches For Valentine's Day - Give The Gift of Time

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With Valentine’s day just around the corner, a vast majority of lovers around the world are scattering around the internet as well as market places in search of the perfect present for their Valentine this year. It is also not unusual to find a certain percentage of those that are overtly cynical about the celebrations of Valentine ’s Day. However, for the majority, a dedication of a particular day every year for the purpose of appreciating those that you love regardless of whether it’s a lover, spouse, sibling, best friend or even your parents, is considered as a necessity.


The traditional red roses as well chocolates compliment the one you wish to thank or express your love to just fine. But for those that want to go out of the way and look for something consisting of an ‘Awe’ factor for the purpose of serving as a Valentine’s Day Gift then look no more. Mentioned below is a newly emerged brand which not only guarantees excellence but also a classical sleek style of products. 


What is Bulbul?

Founded by Jacob Juul in the year 2013, Bulbul Watches is categorized as being a contemporary brand which manufacturers classic Scandinavian styled watches in a world filled with clocks being embedded into phones and other devices. A holistic frame as well as a sleek design guaranteed by Bulbul. According to Jacob Juul, the founder, the inspiration behind naming his company ‘Bulbul’ was that of a particular species of bird. The inspired birds are also labeled as a ‘bulbul’ and are categorized as being songbirds. With a very distinctive look and style of carrying the tune, they were what inspired Jacob into naming his contemporary watches company as ‘Bulbul’.


Bulbul Pebble

Bulbul Pebble Watch

The Bulbul Pebble is the initial and foremost series of contemporary watches released by Jacob Juul, outer most design of which was heavily inspired by smooth pebbles which are most commonly found on the seaside located in a village within Denmark called ‘Hjerting’. Growing up in the surrounding areas along with its iconic shaped pebbles is what led to Jacob not only designing the watches in accordance to the Scandinavian pebbles but also naming his entire line of contemporary watches as ‘Pebbles’. Featuring a timepiece of pure titanium and the highest quality of leather, The Bulbul Pebble series start costing from $440.


Showcasing a sleek, traditional yet a simple look, the manufacturing of Bulbul Pebble requires a long and complex series of step due to its pebble-like shape. Being water resistant in nature, the Bulbul Pebble’s most specialized feature Is the 10 years’ battery life along with its exceptionally high-quality usage of Italian leather. Composed by the utilization of high standard stainless steel, and consisting of the average dimensions of height 1.37 inches and width of 1.73 inches, The Bulbul Pebble effortlessly and effectively showcases the motto ‘less is more’. Hence if your loved one whom of which you wish to gift a watch specifically one manufactured from Bulbul, likes classic and simplistic designs within watches, then Bulbul Pebble is your best available option.


Bulbul Facette

Bulbul Facette Watch

Being the second collection of simplistically designed Bulbul watches by Jacob Juul, The Facette by Bulbul features a 40mm face which is perfectly round in shape unlike Bulbul’s initial collected called ‘Pebble’. The facette consists of a crystal Sapphire display lined with simplistic markers. The facette is available on online stores with worldwide shipping as well as many retail stores. The Facette collection by Bulbul starts off at a price of $299 in an astonishing sex different colors each of which give out its own statement. Chose the one you like best and gift it to your loved one.


Bulbul Ore

Bulbul Ore, the third collection premiered by Bulbul fully represents the essence of Danish contemporary watches. It is perfectly circular in shape with a highly refined structure. The Ore by Bulbul also like the former collection, features a round sapphire which is not only water-prof in nature but also manufactured from the finest of quality to ensure optimum levels of durability. Built as well as manufactured carefully to maximize visual appeal along with its core aesthetics, The Bulbul Ore is definitely one of its kind.


Built to showcase exceptionally high standards, The Bulbul Ore also features a Swiss movement which is gold-plated, a one of its kind battery which includes a battery life of an astonishing 10 years as well as a leather strap of the utmost premium Italian leather. The Bulbul Ore by Jacob Juul is available in six very visually appealing different colors. The Bulbul Ore price range begins at $340 and is considered as the ideal gift for a loved one to appreciate their presence in your life, for Valentine’s day. Classical, Simple, Reliable and durable, the Bulbul sleek watch collections are a must buy as Valentine’s day presents for your spouse, siblings or even your parents.

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