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  • The New Nike Epic React Shoe Is, Well, Epic
  • Post author
    Monica Juno

The New Nike Epic React Shoe Is, Well, Epic

The New Nike Epic React Shoe Is, Well, Epic

Nike React Shoes Black


As part of its ongoing rivalry with Adidas, Nike just launched the latest salvo: a brand-new running shoe called the Nike Epic React Flyknit. This new running shoe, by combining the brand’s legendary Flyknit technology with a brand-new cushioning technology called React, would seem to offer an unbeatable combination. For both elite and casual runners, this is a shoe that is lightweight and soft, but also highly responsive and highly cushioned.


White Nike React Shoe


According to the Nike design team behind React, the shoe will be 30% lighter than anything that Adidas currently offers. And that’s really the big point here – Adidas had been winning over customers with its own cushioning technology known as Adidas Boost, and it’s clear that Nike is trying to tilt the playing field once more to its advantage. The Nike strategy here is simple – deliver a better cushioning technology than anything Adidas has, and avoid making any trade-offs when it comes to overall design.

 Black Nike React Shoe

To come up with the world’s best cushioning technology, Nike has apparently spared no expense. They even brought in world-famous sprinter Michael Johnson – an 8-time World Champion and 4-time Gold Medalist – as a consultant on the new shoe. Johnson has given the shoe his seal of approval, raving about the shoe’s comfort and support.

Nike cool fashion Nike React Shoes


What makes the Nike Epic React really stand out is how well it combines the new React technology with the Flyknit upper. This is a shoe that is clearly meant to absorb the everyday pounding of an elite runner, but not be so bulky or heavy that it cuts down on the running experience. In short, the shoe is sleek, lightweight, durable and very soft.


And here’s the thing – it’s exactly those qualities that make the shoe such a potential hit with casual runners. Think about the average athlete – they’re not running on soft indoor tracks, they’re running on hard asphalt and concrete, and that leads to a lot of wear and tear on muscles and joints. The Nike Epic React would seem to be tailor-made for these casual weekend athletes.

White Nike React Shoes


And, as Johnson points out, that same React cushioning technology also makes the shoe a perfect match for older runners who are looking for extra support and new design features that will minimize the risk of an injury. While the Nike Epic React is sure to be a hit with young Millennial runners, it’s also easy to see how it might become a crossover hit with older runners over the age of 40.

Nike React Flyknit Shoe


If there’s one thing that Nike is famous for, it’s the splashy marketing campaigns that accompany every shoe, and it looks like Nike is going all-in on its new React technology. There were huge launch events in New York and London, and Nike has been touting the fact that the shoe will be available in even more colors by the end of 2018.

Black Nike React Shoes 

If you’re a casual or elite runner, the new Nike React shoe could become your new go-to training shoe. The Nike Epic React Flyknit is flexible, durable, lightweight and offers a state-of-the-art cushioning system. What more could you want from a running shoe? The Nike Epic React Flyknit is indeed Epic.

Check them out at or here.

  • Post author
    Monica Juno

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