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  • Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2016

Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2016

Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and in this Holiday season, it’s time to catch up with family and friends, have some family bonding, eat delicious food and just totally have fun and enjoy the time you can from being disconnected from work. It is definitely the most favorite season and the most exciting holiday of the year. However, despite the engaging and enjoyable activities during the Christmas season, the most seemingly stressing part of the holiday would be taking a serious holiday shopping. While women has a lot of options for gifts, men can be a little bit harder to find. Whether you are shopping for your father, husband, significant other or any close guy friend, you would literally be lost of options on what to buy them for Christmas. It is so true that it’s not buying a gift gives you a headache, it’s not knowing what to buy for these gentlemen.

However, we’ve managed to list some of the top twelve ideas that would guide you in knowing what to buy for your man this Christmas. I hope after this you can realize what your gift will be.

  1. Socks

For all men of all ages, socks will always be a useful gift. One definitely needs to wear a pair so there’s no reason to worry if your gift might be useless, because primarily, I believe a pair of socks comes very handy as a holiday gift. Anyone can have a pair and no one can have too much socks in their closet. I think socks oftentimes the least to be given out as a Christmas gift so there is a big chance your gift will definitely mark among his holiday presents. Be stylish with your sock choices and make sure the style and color will fit for the person you’re giving it. You can add and pair your socks with lots of other men accessories such as ties, hanky or a scarf. It is all up to you!


  1. Pocket squares

In formal attires and occasion, the swiftest way to look cool is to have a stylish hankie tucked into your blazers. Fashion-conscious men will always love a pocket square in their open dress shirt and a nice suit jacket. Pocket squares boosts your style and outfit. It is indeed always a fashionable accessory and having this as a gift for Christmas will be a perfect idea.


  1. Jewelry/Accessories

Jewelry is definitely not just for ladies but also for men. If you want your man (whether it be your brother, boyfriend, husband or father) to look even more stylish, give them a men's jewelry to complete his look. Give him more style and flair with the coolest accessories you can search for. Vitaly Design Collection offers a lot of designs that men will surely love. Even if you think he looks better plain, give him a chance and get him a jewelry to accessorize now. You’ll be amazed by the cool look it will give him.



  1. Neckties or Bow ties

You can never go wrong with neck wears as a gift. Whether it’s neckties or bow ties, it’s always the safest and one of the coolest gift ever. Any man will always have a space for new ones, definitely. So go on in picking designs that will be more likely be used in almost every occasion. Unless you know the guy to be adventurous in style so you can choose a more wild design. They can be handy in carrying and wrapping so it won’t give you any hassle. Get more of wonderful stunning necktie and bow tie collection in our site and you’ll surely find what tie you are looking for.



  1. Bags

One of the most useful thing a man needs that you can give him is probably bags. Bags, regardless of style and design, is very beneficial for the man who loves to carry one, more specifically to guys who travel a lot. For sure, a new bag can always be a great option. You just have make sure what kind, style, design or color suits for him and you are good to go. Black or brown and a leather bag is always the perfect and safest choice for a gift and definitely guys will appreciate it.


  1. Books

Regardless if the receiver is a bookworm or not, books are always an excellent gift. Books encourage people to have a leisure time with themselves and it makes a good recourse for relaxation. In choosing books, make sure that you get the interest of the guy you were giving it. Personally, I would suggest, if you are not sure what sort of category he likes, go for non-fiction and entertaining books to read, one that can catch their funny bone. Devotional and personality development books are a good choice, too. Reading is a good exercise for the eyes and brain so giving them a book as a present is like giving them an option to be healthy and wise.


  1. Wallets

Having a nice wallet will definitely make a man’s outfit over the top. Men always love wallets because it allows them to be organized with their money. The simplicity and functionality of a wallet will never go out of place because it will always be useful for men. Since most men are known to be more or organized with bills, coins, and credit cards, a classy wallet is perfect for them. Also, wallets symbolizes good luck and is believed in most parts of the world. If you decide to give him a wallet, make sure you put money first into it because it is believed that by doing it, it gives an assurance that the wallet will never go empty. Preferably, choose a leather with a nice color. Wallets comes in different sizes, designs and functionalities, so make sure that you know what kind of wallet suits better for the man you’re giving it to.


  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses might come handy as a gift and could be a perfect gift for guys who are style conscious and someone you find very difficult to find a gift this Christmas. Sunglasses are stylish and naturally cool. A guy will definitely love it first-hand. It sounds lavish but it is actually practical. A man (or woman) can never have too many pairs of shades in their collection. Your only challenge is to look for the ideal pair of sunglasses that would fit his style but other than that, it could be the perfect gift.


  1. Perfume or Cologne

Probably, the easiest and most convenient gift to buy is a perfume or a cologne. Men’s fragrance is one of men’s grooming essential and is always a part of final touches when men are getting ready for any occasions. In choosing a cologne or perfume, you have to get to know the preference of his favorite scent so it would be easy for you. But in case you don’t, it’s better to go for the unisex cologne scents that you can buy. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


  1. Watch

Men with difficult tastes will always fall for and will definitely go down for a watch. Watches are a stylish accessory and very useful, too so men can never disregard its value and importance if you give this to them. Giving them a watch means helping out the person to value time and make use of it properly. In this way, your gift will definitely leave a mark in their life as they use it every day.


   11. Shoe Products

If you are looking for a unique gift this Christmas, you might be interested in buying them shoe products. Yes, that’s right, shoe products. Everybody love shoes and everybody wants them to last. And of course, everybody has a keen way of taking care of it, especially men. It would be nice to give them something that they can use in properly taking care of their shoes. Shoe products keep your shoes to always look and make you feel better wearing them. So by giving them these shoe products, you’re allowing them to save their footwear from a life of mistreatment with regular maintenance. He will surely love you for it!

   12. Grooming Products

Instead of looking and spending days try to look for cool gift your guy will love, why don’t you go back to basics and get the man one his essentials – grooming products! If he doesn’t want anything, better give him what he actually needs. Hunter Labs and Midnight for Two offers a lot of grooming products he might need for everyday use such as face and body wash, hand and body soap, aftershave balm and even beard oil for your bearded friend. So don’t worried if you still don’t know what to give him, these grooming products will surprised him and will instantly love your present!


                  It is indeed hard to find a perfect gift for the man you care about. I believe the choices I gave will provide you more options on what to give him this Christmas. Good luck with your shopping!

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